Friday, April 17, 2009

Student Led Conferences and Electronic Portfolios

A few final touches for your portfolios. Please make sure you have all of your core subjects done by Monday. Math, Science, Social and Language Arts all have been explained to you.

Please make the following changes...

Change the Heading Literacy with ICT to Student Reflection leave the text as Heading 1.
Under Student Reflection please add and answer the following questions.
  1. Two things that I have done well this year are: (the examples can be from any subject)
  2. Two areas that I need to improve are: (the examples can be from any subject)
  3. My goals for the rest of the year are (the examples can be from any subject)
  4. My goals for beocoming a better learner
Also in this section please include a (Heading 2) Adult Response. Have your parents type in answers to the following

Dear, ________________
In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:

I can help you reach your goals by:


Please add your Social presentation to your Social Studies Section.

You also need a section called Movie or 2 Minutes to make a Difference. In this section please have the following
  • Link to your Pay It Forward Blog Post
  • Embed your Google Presentation
  • Link to your Essay For your Movie
Thank You and have a great weekend. All of this is to be completed by MONDAY :)

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