Sunday, June 09, 2013

Marathon Race Week

Dear Parents

The time has come.  Thursday will be our last official practice.  The students have attended many 7:30 and 8:00 practices.  All of them are ready to do the relay on Sunday June 19th.  They have done their part now it is your turn to help out.  Students will be bringing home a bag of goodies today.  In this bag you will find:

  1. Marathon information booklet
  2. Marathon Spreadsheet
  3. Their Race Number
  4. 4 pins

All of this material is important for next Sunday.  Please take time to read the Marathon Information Booklet.  There is valuable information about everything you might be curious about for the race on Sunday.  Some pages to pay attention to are:

  • Page 4 & 5 if you are running the first or last legs of the relay.  Great info about parking
  • Page 6 & 7 a full map of the race course and where all the exchange points are
  • Pages 8 & 9 are full of relay race information from parking to helpful hints

Please read this book. 

I have provided you with a marathon spreadsheet.  This shows all the teams participating in the relay this year.  The spreadsheet has be created using estimated times from practice runs.  It is not totally accurate.  I have erred on the side of estimating too fast.  This means that for some of the later runners I may be out by up to 20 minutes.  Expect to be at your relay check point for up to an hour before some runners arrive.  Times will change due to weather conditions and because of injuries to runners.  I have provided you with:

  • time to arrive at the exchange point
  • estimated time to complete the relay section
  • arrival time at the next exchange point

Please make sure to arrive at the right time.  You will have difficulty finding parking and getting to the exchange zones.  It is a good idea to scout out routes ahead of time.  Please be prepared. Being on time is so important.  If you do not show up and a runner has no one to pass the chip to the race is ruined for the other 4 athletes.

Each student gets a relay number our numbers are 5078 TO 5083.  This number must be worn on the front of the shirt.  The four pins in the kit are to fasten the number to the shirt. If a student is also running the half, both numbers must be worn.  At the relay exchange zones there are sign posts with numbers.  Stand in between the sign posts that are appropriate (i.e. 5600-5700). The runners will exchange the chip and look for each other in these numerical zones.  ***** All runners must wear the relay exchange number attached to the belt at all times.  This is how we are timed and scored. We will not get a time if this belt is not worn by all students***** 

Thank you for allowing your child to participate.  The goal of this club is to develop life long runners.  All the students are amazing.  So here are my last few pieces of advice:

  • Please wake up your child with plenty of time to get to the race. It is on Sunday and they will need lots of encouragement to wake up!
  • Feed them food but not too much food.  A bowl of oatmeal and bananas would be plenty for what they need to do.  There are snacks and drinks on the course.
  • Know where the exchange point is.  Getting their on time is very important. The whole relay team is counting on you.
  • If you are picking up other students or getting picked up, please know the phone numbers of all people concerned.
  • Most of all enjoy the experience with them.  They have worked so hard and come so far.  Share their accomplishment.

This has been a remarkable season.  Over 50 athletes trained and 30 are participating on Marathon Sunday.  We will be the largest Junior High team in the province.  Congratulations and thanks again.  Do not hesitate to call me at the school or email me.  I will get back to you as fast as I can.

Chris Harbeck
Marathon Coach and Runner

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Manitoba Marathon Parent Post 1

Here is the letter I have sent home with your student.  Please read it and return the note to school by Friday June 7th.

Dear Parent or Guardian   

Congratulations! Your student has been chosen to participate  on one of 6 Sargent Park Relay Teams on Sunday, June 16th. This requires some parental involvement.  As parents you are asked to provide transportation to and from the Relay Exchange point on June 16th.  Runners will need to be at the station between 7 am and 12 noon.  I understand the sacrifice this is to your family but appreciate your effort.

___________________ will have a ride to the Relay exchange point on Sunday June 16th.

__________________ will not have a ride to the relay exchange point on Sunday June 16th.

Not having a ride to this exchange point might eliminate them from participating in the relay. More information is to follow this week.

Thank you for your support of running at Sargent Park School

Mr. Harbeck
Marathon Coach 

Here are maps of where students start and finish. Click the link and reveal the map.