Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Percent Foldable

Do your best with the foldable.  We will continue it tomorrow.


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Monday, November 03, 2014

Ratio Problems

Please choose 5 problems to have done by tomorrow.  You choose.  Be sure to Tang it and have the statement, let x be, steps, modelling and the work.  

Rate Word Problems

  1. Simon bought 15 postcards during 5 days of vacation. How many days will Simon have to spend on vacation before he will have bought a total of 18 postcards? Solve using unit rates.

  1. Candice took a total of 8 pages of notes during 4 hours of class. In all, how many hours will Candice have to spend in class before she will have a total of 20 pages of notes in her notebook? Solve using unit rates.

  1. Luann jarred 12 liters of jam after 3 days. How much jam did Luann jar if she spent 5 days making jam? Solve using unit rates.

  1. Johnny's birthday party will cost $15 if he invites 3 guests. How many guests can there be, at most, if Johnny can afford to spend a total of $20 on his birthday party? Solve using unit rates.

  1. Amy drove to her mother’s house, which is 204 miles away.  If it took her 3 hours, what was her average speed?

  1. Charles is going to buy 3 computer tables for $390. If he pays the same rate, how much would it cost for 8 computer tables?

  1. The ratio of an object’s weight on Earth to its weight on the Moon is 6:1. The first person to walk on the Moon was Neil Armstrong. He weighed 165 pounds on Earth. How much did he weigh on the moon?

  1. A diagram measuring 20 cm long is reduced on a copy machine to 15 cm long. If the width of the original copy is 16 cm, what is the width of the reduced copy?

  1. At Discount Copy, 12 copies cost $0.66. Melissa needs 56 copies. How much should they cost?

  1. Which costs more per issue, an 18-issue subscription for $40.50 or a 12-issue subscription for $33.60?