Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More E-portfolio Work

E-portfolio update....

Social Studies
If you exported your Social Studies Photo Story to .wmv they have been uploaded to spmath at Youtube. If you have not exported them you will need to use the machines in the library and export them to the appropriate folder on the J drive.

To embed them at the wiki you will need to use the embed tool (looks like a tv) click on video and paste the embed code into the appropriate box.

Language Arts
I have uploaded all of your photos of the Hockey Sweater to flickr.



You can download your picture from flickr or use link to it using a url. At flickr click on your picture. Then right click and get the image properties.

What you need is the location. Hilite all of the http beside location starting with http://farm4.... This is the url that you will need at the wiki site.

At your portfolio you can use this url to add a picture. In your portfolio select image and then paste the url into the last box on the image window that says Insert external image by url.

During your first term I took photos of you in Practical Arts. You can find the pictures here.

They would look great under your Practical Arts section. Add a picture and a description of what you were doing.

Have a great day. Make sure to do a voicethread. It needs to have your math solutions, some social studies pictures and anything else that would be valuable to your parents.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Deadline

This is a Prezi. It is a different type of presentation. All of this work is needed to be completed by the 27th of March.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 Minutes to Make a Difference The Essay

Organizing your thoughts to write an essay can be difficult. You need to use an organizer to set up your ideas. The Persuasion Map is an organizer that will help you get the most out of the points you have researched on your "big thick" question. Here is one way you could use the persuasion map.

Your Name Hmm selfexplanitory No?

Title What is your essay about.

Goal or Thesis Write out your Big Thick Question

Reason 1 Reason 2 Reason 3 All of these will be the paragraphs of your essay. You need to have 3 subtopics or Reasons to explain your Big thick Question.

Fact or Examples For each of the Reasons above you need to have examples backing up what you have said. These will be supporting sentences for your paragraphs. I would recommend a minimum of 3 points but more would be allowed.

This is the end of the Persuasion Map but not the end of your essay. You now need a conclusion. What have you learned from your research and essay. Briefly summarize the previous 3-5 paragraphs and leave a powerful ending statement.

For your 2 Minutes to make a Difference Google Presentation you will need to have both an persuasion map and an essay. The Persuasion Map can be printed, screencaptured, or recreated by any means possible. Once the Persuasion Map is complete you can write the essay. Please use Google Docs to compose the essay. You then publish the essay and paste the link into your google presentation.

This is due April 8th. That is the Wednesday of the week that you come back from Spring Break.

Stay tuned for more instructions about other tasks needed to make your movie.

Thanks for working hard and doing such important work.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work for Friday March 13

Welcome to your day. Here are the video instructions.

Here is the voicethread explaining each of your tasks in your foldable. You will need 2 pieces of large paper, and a sheet of 1 cm grid paper.

If you succeed at completing your foldable today please finish your electronic portfolio and your movie project.

If you need to hear the instructions again use the lab in the back of the room. Go to the mathzone and listen to the voice thread again.
Your electronic portfolio needs a voice thead like the one above. Please make one over the weekend using your pictures of the word problems.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Squares and Square Roots Lesson 1 and 2

Here are the last 2 lessons on Square Roots

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Friday, March 06, 2009

How accurate are your Eyeballs??

This is a cool game that you want to get a low score on. What is your score. I got 6.2 as my best on Friday. Leave a comment behind.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Annotations at Youtube

I love Youtube. All of you have access to the class youtube account. There is a neat thing that can be done at our account. Since we own the videos that are created we can add an extra layer called annotations. this means that you can leave comments throughout the video.

I left some comments behind at Charissa's Video.

Your annotation can be a shape or a talk bubble. Please go and leave a comment behind on the video. Make sure that you do not make the video look sloppy with your annotation. You should choose a spot in the video where an annotation will not deter the presentation.

Annother cool tool is to leave a link to your other video at the end of the first video. Just cut and paste the link into the link box in the annotation editor.

Have fun. Looks like another cool tool from google and youtube.

Electronic Portfolios Day 2

Here are the slides for today and the new problem to be put into your portfolio.

View more documents from spmath. (tags: spmath)
Here is a ustream of today's class.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Here is the problem from today for your eportfolio.

Please complete the following work in your notebooks. We will post it later to your eportfolios. Make sure that you get your 2 Minutes to Make a Difference work by March 12.
Homework March 2
View more documents from spmath. (tags: spmath)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

2 minutes to Make a Difference Update

Hey everyone it has been a while since we talked about your movie projects. I feel that I have let you down and not been on top of things. Lets do a recap.

Every group needs to have a google presentation. In that presentation the group needs to of chosen a topic. Each group member needs to of come up with 10 questions about the topic. These questions can be thin questions at this point. From the 10 questions you need to choose 1 thick question to be an expert on. You may need to help each other out in your group.

  1. Slide 1 group name and members
  2. Slide 2 Topic
  3. Slide 3 to 6? Each group members 10 questions
  4. Slide ?4 Group member name and thick question.

Now it is up to you to research this topic. You have until March 12 to research your topic (thick question). You should have a minimum of 30 points helping explain your answer. One strategy could be you have your one thick question and then some thin questions supporting the idea in the thick question.

You need to cite all your sources. This means if you are using the web you keep the url with the points that your have used. If you use a book, magazine or other form of print you keep track of those sources too.

By March 12 you have a slide or 2 at your post with all your information gathered about your topic. Each member is expected to have this slide done. On March 12 there will be an initial mark given to each of you.

This project is 20% of your third term mark. Please work hard to do a good job.