Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your First Post Math Profile

Your Math Profile
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Welcome to blogging.  Today I am going to explain a few things about using Blogger.  You will learn as you create a post for me:)

The first thing you do when you blog is to create a title.
Your title will be ####'s Math Profile. (please change the #### to your name)

The next thing you do is to add your labels.  Separate all labels with a comma.
Your labels will be your user name Biff817, Math Profile

Now you can type into the body of your text.  Here you will create posts that talk about what
  • we did in class, 
  • assignments like this
  • add videos that enhance your post
  • add links that make you post better.
Here is your assignment:

Math Profile

In the body of your post you will have to tell me a few things about you and your math learning. Please write in paragraph form and do not just answer the questions.  More than one sentence is better than just one sentence.
  1. What do you tell people if they ask you "Do you like math?" What is the best thing that you ever did in a math class.  Why did you like this event?
  2. Last year was Grade 7. What was your best unit you studied? Why did you do well in this unit? What unit made you struggle? What could you do this year to not struggle so much?
  3. This is Grade 8.  What will you do this year to be a successful math student?  What do you want to learn this year?
  4. If you blogged last year, what was your favorite post that you created (add a link). How did blogging help you become a better student? What do you want to do this year on the computer in math class?
This would be my Math Profile.

Hi there my name is Chris.  I am a math student in Grade 8. If someone asked me if I liked math I would say yes it is a subject I like to take.  I am not the strongest student but I love figuring out puzzles and playing with numbers.   I remember a time in Grade 4 when we got to talk about fractions and submarine sandwiches.  This was an activity that really was fun to do.  When we were finished we got to eat the sandwiches.  That is math that I really like.  Yumm

In Grade 7 I really liked the unit on Integers.  I remember all about positive and negative numbers.  We were using bingo chips to talk about zero pairs.  I also remember struggling with fractions.  Trying to figure out the difference between improper fractions and mixed numbers really frustrated me.  Last year I did not do all of my homework. This year to be successful I will use the blog and complete all of my homework.  

This is now Grade 8.  I know that finishing all of my homework and using the blog and my friends to help me finish my questions will make me a better student.  I am looking forward to learning Algebra and want to be ready for grade 9.

I was a blogger last year.  One post I did was all about getting ready for the final exam.  I am really proud of this post because I included a video, had images  and explained the topic well.  Many of my classmates commented on my post.  I feel great when I receive many comments.  This year I am looking forward to making my own math movies and working on 2 Minutes to Make a Difference.

Due Date October 5

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Trail Mix

    Here is your homework today.  Please answer it in your notebook.  When you have completed this question create your own Trail Mix ingredients and ratios.  I love the Costco Trail Mix:) Cashews to peanuts to M&M's. Yumm.

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    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    Cutlery Drawer Homework

    Todays ratio homework is to create 10 ratios that can be found in your families cutlery drawer.  Remember to use all of the different types of ratios in your homework
    • part to part
    • part to whole
    • part to part to part
    • part to part to whole
    • 2 term ratio
    • 3 term ratio
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    Leave comments and use the help box for assistance.

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    The 4 fours

    Here is the question for 816 and 817

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    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Math Problem Solving September 14

    Here are today's Math Problems

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