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Social Studies Assignment

Grade 8 Social Studies Ancient Rome Presentation Assignment

Due April 15 – email me the slideshow and a copy of your presentation notes with the names of your group members and your room number:

Each group will take one part of ancient Rome and create a Google Docs Presentation to show to the rest of the class.

Each presentation will consist of 12 slides (plus one citation slide), and should take about 6 minutes to present.

You will need to work together to create the slides, practice your presentation and finally, present your information to the class.

You should know which topic your group has, if you are not sure, ask me!

If you have any questions, email me:

Instructions for all Slideshows

Use nice, clear pictures. Everybody likes to see what you are talking about. Don’t feel like you need to write every single thing that you will say on the slide. In a slideshow presentation, often the slide will have a striking picture with a few notes that do not obstruct the view of the picture. The presenter will then read from a different set of notes to explain the picture and give greater detail than what is on the slide. Just filling a slide with written notes and reading them is not a slideshow presentation, it is a boring boresentation. Keep it simple, and make it fun.

The information that you come up with and present will be part of the final unit test.

Cite your sources on slide 13.


You will be marked be your classmates on your presentation based on

i) how well you address the questions and ideas of topic (5 marks)

ii) how clearly you speak (5 marks)

iii) how many slides you have (5 marks)

iv) how well your classmates can understand what you are talking about (5 marks)

You will also give each other a group mark (5 marks)

I will give you a mark based on

i) how well you addressed the questions and ideas of the topic (5 marks)

ii) how accurate your information is (5marks)

iii) how professional your slideshow looks, how well it flows from one slide to the next, and how close you get to the six minute limit without going over (5 marks)

iv) citations (5 marks)

Rise and Decline Slideshow

You need at least 3 or 4 (maybe even more) maps that show Roman territory expanding or declining with the appropriate dates. You will also need information on the culture of Rome, including the gods, the arts, and other things that they adopted from other cultures.

Describe how life might have changed for the average Roman citizen throughout the rise and decline of Rome.

Governance Slideshow

There will be two main sections to this slideshow, the Republic and the Empire. Each was governed differently; explain how they were the same and how they were different. Also, include how or why the way Rome was governed changed. Finally, describe how Rome governed her provinces like Gaul and Egypt.

Trade Slideshow

Explain the importance of Roman roads. Describe what Rome would buy and sell, and where these things would come from or go to. Describe how things were moved from one part of Rome to another, did they use ships, trains, etc? Did the Romans use money, or did they barter? What were some of the things that Rome traded that we would find unusual? Finally, how did trade with other cultures affect the Roman culture, did other people rub off on the Romans?

Empire Building Slideshow

How was Rome able to change from being a little city-state into being a major world Empire? What systems of government did Rome put in place to keep the places that they had conquered as part of the empire? How was Rome able to spread its culture into the places that it had conquered? Also include information on the “city” and how building cities helped Rome expand their empire.

War and Territorial Expansion Slideshow

Describe the Roman army. Tell us what things like “legions” the “tortoise” and other Roman military terms are. Describe and give pictures of the military and its tools of warfare. Describe how Rome supported the military, how the military moved from place to place, how they fought, and how they expanded Roman territory. Finally, what was life in the Roman army like, and what were some of the benefits that soldiers might receive?

Technology and Achievements

What kinds of things did the Romans invent? How did these things affect the daily life of Romans? What types of Roman inventions do we still use today in some shape or form? What do you think the three most outstanding Roman inventions and achievements were? Who were some of the famous Romans that invented these things?


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