Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lets finish this story!!

I am impressed with the completion rate of your stories. Many of you have them uploaded. Now for part 2.

  1. You need to continue your story and have 2 more integer adventures. One talking about subtraction and another about mixed operations (both adding and subtracting).
  2. You can end your story there or leave it open for more chapters.
  3. Once you have finished this draft, you need to read 3 other stories. You must leave behind a comment at each story. The comment has to tell the author how you improve the story,
  4. or what confuses you in the story
  5. and how the author can add detail to make parts of the story make more sense.
  6. As an author you need to read the comments and edit your story.
  7. You need to leave a self comment behind telling others what changes you made.
If you need an example of a comment go here. That comment is amazing. Work hard and enjoy math.

Thanks for making this assignment a success. I hope you liked it because POETRY IS NEXT!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Homework and Movies

Instructions for the 28th day of October 2008.

BE GOOD..... and do some math at the same time. Here is what you will be doing.

In your yellow books you will have to do many questions. You will do pages 47 & 48 questions 1-60 on 47 and 1-10 on pg 48. You need to do 5 questions using Algebra or Integer Tiles. The rest must be done in your notebook. You will copy down the question, then rewrite the question by adding the opposite then solve. This is the same homework as yesterday.

Here is the movie that Ms. Hay showed you in class. It is pretty small so I am adding a youtube video as well. You can maximize it and see the images much better.

Here is the youtube video. In two parts.
Part 1

Part 2

When you are done this assignment.... Yeah right there is a lot of work here you can work on your integer story.
  1. You need to read 3 peoples stories.
  2. You must leave comments behind on how they can improve their writing. It would be nice if you dug deeper than just grammar and capital letters.
  3. Think about the story itself.
  4. How can it be improved.
  5. Do we need to know more about the character, setting and theme?
  6. What would you do?
  7. Every story needs to have 3 comments. Use your dashboard to make sure you have commented enough.

When you have read your comments from your peers you need to edit your story. Once you have edited your story you need to leave a personal comment behind and tell us how you improved your story.

Now for skills. Hi 841 we have a game to mark. Please watch this video to learn how it is going to be done.

Here is the movie on Youtube.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Leapfrog Madness

I was shown this today. Please help me I am having trouble. You need to move the frogs to the other side. Click the picture to go to the site.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here are today's notes. Remember there is a quiz tomorrow.

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Skills Math Assignment

This is your skills assignment. Please make sure that they are done ontime.


Animate this!!

You can go to a site called Go Animate and make animations like this.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Integer Adventure Story

Your next assignment for me will also be a "Writers Workshop" piece for your Language Arts. You are going to write me an adventure story. Or just a story. You will be marked on your use of language and math content. This story will not be done after this assignment. As we learn more about integers you will be expected to add more to your story.

Story Assignment Part 1
  1. Create a story. Part of your story has to be a character that must succeed at completing challenges or quests.
  2. Each of the challenges or quests must deal with adding integers. How you navigate your characters to each challenge or quest is up to your imagination.
  3. Each part of your story must be a minimum of 5 sentences long (minimum paragraph size).
  4. Each quest or challenge must be a picture of an integer question. You must solve each question in a different way, algebra tiles, number lines, I have I owe, and standard math.
  5. You must insert the pictures of your math work with your story.
  6. Your story is not done. It will continue as we progress through the integer unit. Next week you will have to talk about subtracting integers and then we will get into multiplying and dividing of integer..... but that is the future.
  7. Part 1 is due on Monday October 27 9:00 AM.
  8. You need to label your story post, display name, wworkshop, intstory. Make sure you use commas to separate labels and use all lowercase letters with no spaces.
Here is an example of what a former student did.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Integers Oct 22

Here is a movie that will continue you on your integer journey.

Here are the days notes.
Oct 22 Integers
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Integers Oct 21

These are the notes for today. Make sure to do all your homework and then play a few games.

Integers Oct 21
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Here is a game using integers. It will be good practice for today.

This game deals with venn diagrams. You have to place the integers in the correct spots so that everything adds up to 0. This one is tricky. Good Luck.

Here is another game that needs you to add positive and negative integers.

Monday, October 20, 2008

What makes a good comment?

What is a comment? Why do we comment? I would like to commend the multitude of students that have been leaving comments behind at students blogs. I appreciate the time you take reading and being an audience for your fellow students. I have a few concerns though.

When one comments would it be possible to use some proper grammar. I would love to see capital letters, periods and sentences. You are doing such an awesome job. Proper grammar would make your comments even better.

What does it take to make a good comment. Is leaving a smilie and a few words enough? This is a tough question. I need you to read and comment but you also need to leave content behind. Is it possible to read the post and add to it. How would you make the post better.. Are there links that would explain the content to the reader better than the scribe has left behind.

Do not stop commenting but could you please write in sentences, add content and then read another post from another room. You are the most impressive group of bloggers I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. You make me proud everyday. Thanks for commenting and being part of a learning community. Lets set the bar high and do an even better job.

Yeah Integers

Here are today's slides for you to use.

Integers1 Oct 20
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Here is a movie and a quiz to get your brain thinking about integers. Leave a comment behind please.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey here are today's notes

Tomorrow is a test. You need to know theoretical probability, experimental probability, probability trees and a few other things. You do not need to know about independent and dependent probability.

Here are today's slides

Probabilty October 15
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Probability Notes from Class

Here are the notes from October 10

Probability Notes Oct. 10
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Here are the notes from the rest of October

Probability October notes
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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Probability Gumball Experiment with Unicubes

Here is the image for today's scribe. Keep up the excellent work. I am very impressed with the first set of scribes

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Probability Game

Here is the game from today's class.

It is a live link. Go and play the game. Make the game fair and unfair.

Monday, October 06, 2008

First Blogging Assignment

I should of done this earlier. Sorry it took so long.

You need to create an introductory post for the blog. We will use this post to introduce ourselves to the procedures of making a post and moving around your post.

The first thing you need to do is put labels on your post. Always use your profile name as one label and the assignment as the other label. Separate your labels with a comma. My labels would be Mr. H, mmm.

The second thing you do is to create a title for your post. Please call this @@@@@'s Measures of Central Tendency.

The third thing you will need to do is to type from your large piece of paper the definitions of Mean, Median, Mode and Range.

The fourth thing you will do is to create an image for each of the measures of central tendency. You can make them in paint or do them on paper and take a picture with your camera. You will need to upload them and put them in the right spot. Pictures always get put at the top of a post. Cut and paste them into their proper spots.

Following the pictures please make links for Mean, Median, Mode and Range. A different link is required for each one. To make a link have to browser tabs or windows open. In one find a link that is understandable for grade 8 students. Copy the url and get ready to paste it. In the second window have your post open. Highlight the word you want to be the link and click the link button on the toolbar. Paste the link into the pop up link box.

The final part of the assignment is to go to youtube. You will need to search for mean, median, or mode. Perhaps a search for measures of central tendency will work. Find an appropriate video that teaches something about the math we are learning. Copy the embed code and go back to your blog post. In your post write something like Here is a video on MMM the MMM is to help you in the next step. Change your blog viewer from Compose to Edit Html. Scroll down in the post window until you see MMM. Hit enter 3 to 4 times and paste your embed code in. You now have an embeded video on your post.

Before you publish you need to make sure the post looks good. Click the preview option and see if the post is "pretty" enough to publish. Try to get rid of formating errors and empty white spots. When your post looks great hit the publish button.

The best part about blogging is audience. You are creating a post for all of your classmates at Sargent Park to read and for people all over the world to read as well. Leave comments behind on other students blogs. Positive comments and helpful hints will motivate all of us to do a better job.

Good luck students. These posts are due on Friday October 10th.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Online Probability Tutor

Tonight's homework comes to us from Alberta. This is a great little activity on Probability. Click the picture and go to the site. After the introduction click lessons on the menu and then find Lesson 19. Here you be given a guided tour of probability. Once you are done the lesson....

... you will be able to practice calculating theoretical probability on the worksheets you have for homework.


Time for Scribes

Mr. Kuropatwa introduced me to the world of Scribe Posts. It is an essential part of the Grade 8 Math Classroom. You will be expected to write one scribe post every 30 classes or about 4 a year. That doesn't sound like to much does it.

A Scribe post is

The assignment is simply to post a brief summary of what happened in class each day. A different student is responsible for the daily scribe post and they end their post by choosing the next scribe. The first scribe is a volunteer. The teacher's daily involvement is limited to updating a post called The Scribe List which is at the top of the links list in the sidebar of the class's blog.

To complete a scribe post the student must

Write a brief summary of what we learned in class today. Include enough detail so that someone who was away sick, or missed class for any other reason, can catch up on what they missed. Over the course of the semester, the scribe posts will grow into the textbook for the course; written by students for students. Remember that as each of you write your scribe posts. Ask yourself: "Is this good enough for our textbook? Would a graphic or other example(s) help illustrate what we learned?" And remember, you have a global audience, impress them.

Here are examples of good scribe posts Pythagoras Scribe One Day In Math Algebra Masterpiece

Here are some scribe posts that have made The Scribe Post Hall of Fame.

When you are done your scribe post choose another student to be the scribe and label your post scribepost.