Friday, June 19, 2015

Manitoba Marathon 2015

Dear Parents

Once again Marathon Week is upon us.  Your student has been training for Sunday’s Marathon for over 9 weeks.  In that time they all have run over 100 miles each.  This is a tremendous accomplishment.  They are all ready to run this weekend.

What the Relay is
Every team will consist of 5 runners. Each runner will start from an exchange point and run between 4 to 6 miles.  They finish at a second exchange point and hand off to the next student. Each runner need to be at their exchange points on time to make the relay work.

The Marathon starts at 7:10 am and the last runner should be done before noon. Mme Tetrault and I will be running the half marathon and will see the teams finish the race.  We are unable to drive students to their exchanges.  It is up to parents to get their students to the race.

Parent Responsibilities
Parents need to get their student to the relay exchange on time.  Please plan to be at your checkpoint 20 minutes before the time I have provided.  Parking and driving to these points will be tricky so plan in advance.

To prepare for Sunday we advise that you go to the relay exchange points in advance to plan a route.  Remember many roads will be closed due to the race. Practicing getting to both the starting exchange point and finishing exchange point.  

Once a relay participant has run their leg they may go home.  They do not need to go to the University of Manitoba and be present at the finish.

Student Responsibility
All information provided to you this week needs to get home to your parents.  It will also be posted at the

Please read the Marathon Handbook.  It contains all the information you need to be successful on Sunday.  

You need to know the phone numbers of people on your relay team.  If something happens it is important to call them if something goes wrong….. but nothing will go wrong.

Mme Tetrault and Mr Harbeck are available for phone calls during the week. Do not hesitate to call. 7758985

Mr. Harbeck
Mme Tetrault
Marathon Coaches

Here is the spreadsheet with your times and predicted arrival at your exchange points

Enjoy the day

Harbeck and Tetrault

Monday, May 25, 2015

First Drafts 2 Minutes to Make a Difference 2015

Here are the first drafts.  Please leave comments behind.  Any suggestions will be used by the students to create better Final Cut Videos.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Final Movie Classes

We only have three 2 Minutes to Make a Difference classes left.  You need to have you movie posted to the spmathgr8 youtube account by next week.  Here is what is needed in your movie upload.

Next week we will go over the movies and make suggestions for improvements.

Accepted projects are Powerpoint Movie, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker... Please have them uploaded ASAP.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moose Jaw Band and Choir Trip 2015

Wow another Band and Choir trip in the books.  I am writing to say how privileged I was to accompany 52 Sargent Park students to Moose Jaw.  At no point in this trip did they disappoint.  In fact I would have to say that they were some of the best ambassadors this school has ever produced.

Pizza 4
In every venue, in every restaurant and outing the comments were always the same.  These are great kids.  Wow your kids are amazing.  We are sitting on the bus giving the kids “what for” before entering yet another hotel and the adults seeing them all lined up and quietly waiting for their rooms comment on their behaviour.  “Best group of kids I have ever had in my 20 years in the hotel business”.  

Waiting for Rooms 1 This really puts into perspective what we get to teach on a daily basis.  WE HAVE AMAZING KIDS.

I want to praise the hard work that Cristina and Kara have done with these students.  They have bought into the music program with vigor and effort and you can tell that they love to be musical.  

Band Practice 13

Kara’s band sounded great and by the time they got to their last song they were absolutely hitting many of the complicated notes with style and grace.  
Phew we did good I have attached many videos to this post and you cannot see Janette in back row but she had “clappers”. I do not know the proper term for them but every time she got to play them she would jump up and smile a smile that was so large that you could see it all over the theatre.  

Music is such a part of many students lives at Sargent Park we are lucky to have teachers that love their job and get the most out of our talented students.

The next day we loaded up the instruments and the choir got to sing.  We went to a great old United Church in Downtown Moose Jaw.  Stuck in the family waiting room the choir practice their songs with Kara and Juliane D playing on a 1934 upright piano.  

Choir time 2 The kids were really sounding good.  They entered the church for their performance. 
Domed glass

The piano played and they sounded terrific.  

Turn the page please The choir soldiered through their first song and then got ready to sing Coldplay’s The Scientist.  Having heard the choir prepare in the family room I was ready for anything.  

I was not prepared for how awesome they sounded.  When the sopranos came in tears started to roll down my cheeks.  They sounded so good in this church.  The smiles on their faces singing a song they loved to sing was so evident.  The passion of their teachers came through with their singing and playing while we were away.

When you are on a trip with 52 kids and it is easier than dealing with your own 3 at home you know that our school, teachers, community and parents are doing a terrific job.

Abby Road?

I am proud to have been on this trip.  I enjoyed my hotel room all by myself, though I did share it with the base amp one night but I do wonder why I was paid to do this.  
We are educators because we love to help kids.  I would have to say that this weekend the kids helped me.  They showed me what greatness is.  They were Sargent Park.  

Lasar Tag 4

So the next time we have a meeting or a gathering with other people in our profession you need to remind them that we teach Sargent Park Kids.  They are some of the most special kids in the world.  

Thank you for the opportunity to be on this trip.  I will remember it forever as a highlight of my teaching career.  I have been teaching for a long time!! That is saying something.
Group shot 4

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Music for 2 Minutes Project

We are starting to wrap up the 2 Minutes Movie project.  Please visit thses two sites to get music for your project.


Free Music Archives

Remember to include in your credits the URL, Artist and name of song. 

Thank you for using CC music you are allowed to use.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015