Friday, June 13, 2014

Thats a Wrap

Your 2 Minutes projects should be coming to an end.  There are things that need to be wrapped up.

That's a wrap
 cc photo Flickr link

Remember the 3 possibilities to complete this project
  1. Google Presentation embedded to your Google Site
  2. Power Point Movie uploaded to the spmath Youtube site
  3. A movie made in movie maker or iMovie and uploaded to the spmath Youtube site
Please include in your movie description when you are uploading the group members names, and room numbers.  No last names are required.
Please ask me for passwords so you have access to what you need.

If you have raised funds you must bring the $$ into the school and we will handle donations though the Office.  They will create cheques and send them to the Organizations of your choice.  We do recommend that you use Free the Children if they are supporting the cause that you chose.

The Final projects must be embedded by Wednesday June 18th.

Continue to work hard and get these presentations done and up on the web.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Marathon Week Part One

Here are the notes going home today. Please read them carefully

Dear Parents

Once again Marathon Week is upon us.  Your student has been training for Sunday’s Marathon for over 9 weeks.  In that time they all have run over 100 miles each.  This is a tremendous accomplishment.  They are all ready to run this weekend.

What the Relay is
Every team will consist of 5 runners. Each runner will start from an exchange point and run between 4 to 6 miles.  They finish at a second exchange point and hand off to the next student. Each runner need to be at their exchange points on time to make the relay work.

The Marathon starts at 7:10 am and the last runner should be done before noon. Mme Tetrault and I will be running the half marathon and will see the teams finish the race.  We are unable to drive students to their exchanges.  It is up to parents to get their students to the race.

Parent Responsibilities
Parents need to get their student to the relay exchange on time.  Please plan to be at your checkpoint 20 minutes before the time I have provided.  Parking and driving to these points will be tricky so plan in advance.

To prepare for Sunday we advise that you go to the relay exchange points in advance to plan a route.  Remember many roads will be closed due to the race. Practicing getting to both the starting exchange point and finishing exchange point.  

Once a relay participant has run their leg they may go home.  They do not need to go to the University of Manitoba and be present at the finish.

Student Responsibility
All information provided to you this week needs to get home to your parents.  It will also be posted at the

Please read the Marathon Handbook.  It contains all the information you need to be successful on Sunday.  

You need to know the phone numbers of people on your relay team.  If something happens it is important to call them if something goes wrong….. but nothing will go wrong.

Mme Tetrault and Mr Harbeck are available for phone calls during the week. Do not hesitate to call. 7758985

Mr. Harbeck
Mme Tetrault
Marathon Coaches

Here are the expected start and finish times for the runners (click for larger image)

More information can be found here at the Marathon Website. Check out their interactive Google maps.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Last Day 5

Today wraps up our last day 5 together.  By next Friday you should have one of the following done
  • Google Presentation with just the Points and images that you want to use finished with credits
  • Powerpoint Movie made with the slides you have done in Google
  • Made a movie in a media of your choice and uploaded to the spmathgr8 account
Today's class is to finish off your project.  You should have
  • 10-15 points using typography skills to enhance their message,
  • images of movies of items to make your points even more stunning
  • images of you making a difference
  • ways in which we can make a difference.
 You have been working on this for over 10 weeks now.  The deadline is next Friday.  Do your best to complete one of the three options so you can get your mark.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finding Media

2 Minutes to Make a Difference May 21

This is our story arc
Today we need to find media that will help us explain the story we are telling.  Media can me movies, audio or most likely photos.  It is very important that you use photos that have the proper media rights.  This means that the people who took the photos have given permission for others to use them.

We did this a bit in Google in technology class.  In the advanced search we chose free to use or share.
There are other sites too.  Try these out

CC Search is a Creative Commons search engine that only searches out media you can use
Another site is Compfight
There are many others but these two should start you finding what you need.  For every photo you select please copy the url to your presentation so we can use it in the credits.
Here are some example videos from the previous years to inspire you to find media and to give you an idea about what is possible when you want to make a difference.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Monday, April 07, 2014

Choosing Pillars

Only one person per group needs to fill in this form.  Please fill it out by the end of the class.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Nothing says Spring Break like .........


Here are your worksheets for the break.  Work hard.  Please use the vertical method when dividing.  Remember to have a denominator of 1!! Use the reciprocal!

Dividing Fractions
Dividing Fractions 2
Dividing Mixed Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Multiplying Fractions 2
Multiplying Mixed Fractions

Instead of killing trees I have given you these at the blog.  Copy into a notebook and come back on Monday with questions to ask.  Enjoy your break!

May the weather warm up and give you some happyness!!