Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pay it Forward Peer Reflection and Comments

This is a two part assignment. 
Part 1 The following has to be done at the your blogs;
  • Leave a comment for 3 of your peers on the blog about their Pay it Forward experience.
  • Choose 3 classmates from a different homeroom.
  • Once an individual has 3 comments, you must choose another student to leave feedback. 
  • When everyone has completed this each student should have a minimum of 3 comments each.
  • When you have received comments please return to your post and read the comments.  Reflect on what other people have said and respond to their comments.
Here are the links for each classes Pay it Forward posts.





 Part 2 of this assignment Is to be handed in either typed or on looseleaf.
  • Based on the act of kindness completed by your peers, answer the following questions about their experience. You will answer the following 4 questions for 3 different Pay it Forward blogposts.
  1. Who was involved in the act of kindness? (giving and receiving)
  2. What act of kindness was completed?
  3. In your opinion, who benefited from this act of kindness?
  4. What can YOU learn from their experience?
  • After reflecting on the Pay it Forward experience, describe how you think these acts of kindness can make a difference in your community.
Due Friday December 2nd

Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Day What a Blast

Here is a slideshow of the photos taken at We Day on November 23rd this year.  It was a truly amazing event and Sargent Park students learned so much and had so much fun.  Keep on being Difference Makers.

Here is your video about I Will.... Short Version

Here is the same video but a slightly longer version

I hope all of you will continue to make a difference.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome to Term 2

Here is the slide of today's math homework. Please use a grid and a calculator to complete the questions.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Your Graphing Post

Graphing Post

1. Use your notes to list the different types of graphs.  Please list the advantages and disadvantages of each graph.

2. How can graphs be misleading.  Show 3 ways.

2a) The following chart shows Pizza Sub Sales over a month.  What 2 graphs would show the information accurately?
2b) If you were selling Pizza Subs would you continue? How does your graph explain your answer.

4. Below you see 2 different examples of graphs showing healthy choices sold at the canteen.  If you had to convince Mrs Mota that we should continue selling healthy choices which graph would you choose?

4a) Change each graph so that your information looks even MORE impressive.  You may not change the data just the graphs.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Pay it Forward 2011-12

Welcome to your first 2 Minutes to make a Difference  and We Day Assignment.  This will start you on your journey to make a 2 minute movie by the end of March.  Here is your assignment.


Excerpt from the movie:
"You see, I do something real good for three people. And then when they ask how
they can pay it back, I say they have to Pay It Forward...to three more people. Each. So, nine people get helped. Then those people have to do twenty-seven." He turned on the calculator, punched in a few numbers. "Then it sort of spreads out, see, to eighty-one, then two hundred forty-three, then seven hundred twenty-nine, then two thousand, one hundred eighty-seven. See how big it gets?"

Some possible ideas include:
·        Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital, care home
·        Clean up your community/school yard/park
·        Donate Food/Clothing/Toys/Books/Christmas gifts
·        Collect new and used toys and donate them to a hospital
·        Help deliver Christmas hampers
·        Make and deliver treat bags for children in hospitals (include pens, notepads, stickers, puzzles, candy, etc)
·        Send care packages for soldiers / write letters to soldiers
·        Become a pen pal with a senior citizen
·        Volunteer to baby-sit for free
·        Write ‘Thank you’ notes to people who have helped you
·        Leave cards or notes in mailboxes, on windshields, or hanging from doorknobs
·        AND LOTS, LOTS MORE!!

These are just possibilities. Students are asked to be creative and try to make a difference in someone’s life.


Title (Your Name)'s Pay it Forward
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Your blog post is broken down into 4 parts.
Part 1
What is "Pay it Forward". To complete this part please edit and revise the paragraphs that you wrote after watching the movie. 

Part 2
What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?
Why did you choose this activity?
Who did you help?
What did you do?
When did you do you act of kindness?

You need to document your act of kindness.  Please make sure you have a photo or video of you "Paying It forward".

Part 3
How did your act of kindness go?
What Happened?
How did you feel?
How did the person or people react?
Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"?
How did they react to your request?
If you did not ask the person to "Pay It Forward" how come?

Part 4
Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?
Has your act of kindness made a difference?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween for Hunger... The Results

Today is November 1st and the students have returned from Halloween for Hunger.  Over half of the students participated.  I am very impressed.  These students decided to forgo candy at houses to ask for donations to Winnipeg Harvest.  We have great kids.  One of their comments this morning was...
"The people in the neighborhood were all saying WE LOVE Sargent Park Kids".  Well so do I.

I set the bar high when I asked these students to participate.  I asked them to try to get 1400 items for harvest.  They almost made this goal.  They brought in 1281 items for Winnipeg Harvest.  It is all sitting in my computer lab.  Tomorrow we will package it up and send it up the street to the food bank.

Way to go Sargent Park.  You are truly amazing.  Great group of kids and fantastic team of teachers pushing you to bigger and better things.  Keep it up... soon we will be doing more great things. 

Here is a movie of the students creating a wall with 1300 items of food.