Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Autobiography Assignment Grade 8 Technology

Welcome to more instructions about your Autobiography.

Please have versions 1 and 2 done by today.  The next part of your assignment is finding images of you or things about you.

Since I am not here today I want you to create 3 images in paint that we will add to your Autobiography.  Save them to your U drive.

All parts of the assignment are in the slide deck below.  Please make sure you have everything done up to V2 and you have at least 3 images created by you in Paint stored in the U-drive

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Meet the Teacher 2016

Welcome Parents

It is looking like a terrific year for the Grade 8 Students.  Please ask us any questions that you have and be sure to email us any questions you have about your students progress and work.

Meet the Teacher Course Outlines

This year at Sargent Park the students are allowed to BYOD.  This is an exciting oppotunity for our Grade 8's.  Teachers will be offering students opportunities all year to use their personal devices in the classroom.

There are some ways they will be used

Reasons Why to have students prepared for the future

2016 Information

One of the original videos talking about digital change