Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Examples Part 1

Ah the next step. Today you are going to create a storyboard and start to write a script. In your groups you will need to choose the most important topics and points that will convince people to make a difference.

1. In your groups read your essays to each other. From the essays choose 3 to 5 points that you think are very important. Record these points on a large sheet of paper.

2. Repeat the process for each group member. Make sure to record all of your work.

3. Once all of your points are recorded you need to organize them in a story arc. This means that you start your story softly then build to "the most important points" then finish with a concluding idea.... How to make a difference.

You will do this on a second large piece of paper. You will fold it into 16 rectangles and number them 1 -16. If you need more you can use the back of the paper. In each rectangle you will place the point or idea in order of appearance in your video. You can change your mind but you need to get an order down by the end of today.(April 15)

It would not be a bad idea to have more ideas in your storyboard than to have too few.
This is an example of a storyboard.

4. Now that your story that you want to tell is before you start to think of images or live action shots that will bring your message across. In each of the rectangles on your story board you can sketch out or write what you want for each idea.(a puppy with a birthday hat to show..... or a live action sequence that shows....)

5. As a group you need to write a script for parts or all of the movie. YOU NEED to have some dialog in your movie.

Due Date for these assignments

Story Board is due by the end of the afternoon. YES THAT WAS BY THE END OF THE AFTERNOON. If you want to use an online storyboard creator I found one here. You could use this at home to make your storyboard even better.

The script is due by Monday.

Both the script and the storyboard should be in your Google Presentation by Monday. O Yeah. Your portfolios are due on Monday too.

Work hard and have fun.

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