Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Here is the homework for today. Please have it done by tomorrow.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Surface area Practice

Here are some more examples of surface area for you to practice.

Do not forget
  1. total shapes
  2. units of measurement

Good Luck Happy Weekend.....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Geometry Work

We are really flying through the Geometry unit. Here is some extra work you can do to become better mathematicians.

Thank you BBC Skillwise for the links
Area of a Rectangle
  1. Key vocabulary
  2. How to Calculate Area
  3. Online Quiz 1
  4. Online Quiz 2
  5. Online Quiz 3 (may 15th Homework)
Worksheets that will make you think.

Area of a Triangle
  1. Triangle Online Quiz(May 15th Homework)

Area of a Circle
  1. Definition of How to calculate the area of a circle
  2. Quick Online quiz
  3. Pdf worksheet on Circle area

Area of Mixed Shapes
  1. Introduction
  2. Quick online quiz
  3. PDF worksheet on Compound Shapes

All of this moves us towards finding total surface area. Please leave comments behind in the chat box or as comments.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pythagoras Word Problems

Try answering these word problems. You can answer them here at the blog or at your class blog.

  1. Tony has got his kite stuck at the top of a very tall tree. He knows the string on his kite is 20 m long. When he pulls the string tight and holds the very end on the ground it touches 17 m from the bottom of the tree. If the ground is flat, how tall is the tree?
  2. Susan is making a jump to ride her bike over. She uses a 1m plank of wood to make the jump, and raises the end 50 cm off the ground with a second piece of wood. How far along the ground from the end of the plank that touches the ground is the second piece of wood?
  3. Robert is using a 5m ladder to climb in his upstairs bedroom window. He finds that if he puts the base of the ladder 3.3m from the wall the top leans on the windowsill. How high from the ground is the windowsill?
  4. The guy wires holding up an 11m radio transmitter join 2m from the top of the aerial, and are anchored to the ground 7m from the base of the aerial. How long are the guy wires?
  5. Tim is standing across a river from Mary. They discover that if they stand exactly opposite each other they can each hold one end of a 5m rope. How long would the rope have to be to reach if Tim moved 8m downstream?

Some Pythagoras work

Here are some questions you can do to practice your work.

Draw a picture to solve this question

Robert is using a 5m ladder to climb in his upstairs bedroom window. He finds that if he puts the base of the ladder 3.3m from the wall the top leans on the windowsill. How high from the ground is the windowsill?

Leave your answers as comments or create a post at your class blog please.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Video about Bullying

How does this video about bullying make you feel?

Please leave comments

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Your last Unproject

Here are the instructions for your final unproject. Pay attention to the due dates and ask questions on Tuesday.

The home wiki of this project is

Your Final Unproject

Important Dates

May 7th Unproject is Launched
May 26th Part 1 is due. (This will provide you with great material to study from for your exam)
June 14th Part 2 is due.(You will have access to the Math lab during the week of June 11th to 14th)

This unproject is part of the Term 4. It will be worth 10% of that terms mark.


Your job is to be an expert in 2 topics that we have learned this year. You will need to check your math portfolio to check the topics that we have covered.

  1. Data Managemant and Graphs

  2. Probability

  3. Square Roots

  4. Percent

  5. Ratio

  6. Proportional Reasoning

  7. Fractions (only if you did not participate in the first Unproject)

  8. Algebra

  9. Geometry

You will be responsible to create a background page that explains both of your topics. It must be dynamic and hook the audience. You may create the background information at

  • your class blogsite (just create the necessary link)

  • here at the Final Unproject

  • wikispaces (Just create the necessary link)

Your background page must include

  • all needed math information

  • pictures, graphics and other visual aides

  • links to other sites to give more information

  • One or more word problems that are solved correctly.

Your Final Unproject is your last math assignment of Grade 8. It is a celebration of what you have learned. Just like the first unproject you choose what it will be. It can be anything but you must check with me first.

Previous unprojects were

The timing of this project is to help you study for your final exam. If you choose to you can use this project as a way to study for exams.

You may work with a partner but you are both responsible for the final project. Once you have chosen a partner there is no changeing. There will be no groups of 3. Sorry.

Scoring Rubric