Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fraction Growing Post

Growing Post
Label it Fraction, Growing Post, User Name

a) Post your recorded quiz.

b) Using one question from questions 6 or 7 on page 202 of the textbook, explain two ways to multiply a fraction by a whole number. You should use pictures to help explain.

c) Using one question from questions 4 or 5 on page 208 of the textbook, explain how to divide a fraction by a whole number. You should use pictures.

d) Pick one word problem from questions 6-12 on page 208 of the textbook.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fractions 6

You have a quiz tomorrow.

Here are the slides from today.

Friday, March 19, 2010

2 Minutes to make a Difference Collecting Media

So what have you done so far....

  • Chosen a topic
  • Researched the topic
  • Created a Story Arc to put it all together....
What is missing....... Media to create a movie.  This is your latest assignment.  You must have all of your media gathered and ready to use by the end of Spring Break.  What is media?

  1. Pictures your own and from the net
  2. movies your own
  3. anything else you are allowed to use!!
A previous post showed you how to find CC or Creative Commons Images.

\Where are you going to put all of this media?

For all of your pictures place them at your google document.
  • You will create a slide called Photo Links.
  • Paste all links into this slide
  • Create another new slide and use the Copy Image Location to insert the image.  
  • Repeat as many times as needed as you find more images.  
If you  are using your own images you need to store them at your google doc too.  Upload them from your PC or camera to the slide.  You do not need an image citation for your own photographs.

Any picture without a citation will not be allowed in your movie.  Be sure to use only CC material.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fractions 4 and 5

Here are your slides from Wednesday and Thursday.

E-Portfolio Update Work to be done before Spring Break!

Your Math and Language Arts sections of your E-Portfolio are now finalized.  You can find the instructions at the following places:
Follow the instructions and email questions to chris (dot) harbeck (at)

Important things to note.


You will be doing a parent quiz with your parents.  They will do the math.  You will teach the math.  I have selected 5 questions from your text for you to do with your parents.  You will then use your blogging and others blogging to teach your parents the content necessary to complete the question. To copy the parent quiz questions go to the link and paste them into your math section. 

Language Arts

For Language Arts some of the pictures are on the server.  I will point you in the right direction during class so that you can make a voicethread.  Be sure to make a voicethread account and be ready to upload what is necessary.

The E-Portfolio work is due on Friday March 26th 9:00

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fractions 3

You have a one question quiz tomorrow on multiplying a fraction by a whole number.
Here are your slides from today.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Using Creative Commons "CC" Images at school in your assignments

It is important for us to use material in our presentations and movies that we have permission to use. Today's lesson is about using creative commons images.  You are going to learn how to search for images that you can use in your 2 Minutes to Make a Difference, your blog posts and your e-portfolios. 

Let's start with flickr.  This is a site where you can find many images.  Most of the images are not usable because they do not have a cc license.  There are many pictures that you can use and let's figure out how to do this.

Using Advanced Search at Flickr.
  1. Go to
  2. Search for a keyword or topic
  3. Once you have searched and received a result click advanced search
  4. Scroll down till you see USE CC
  5. Now when you return to your image search you are searching images that you are allowed to use.

 Saving the image
 To save an image it is important to do a few things.
  • Save the image to your desktop
  • You now need an attribution.  This is a way of giving the photographer credit.
  • cc licensed flickr photo by nyominx: is how you create an attribution. It has three parts
  1. cc licensed flickr photo by nyominx: This is the name of the person who took the photo.
  2. cc licensed flickr photo by nyominx:  Is the link to the photograph on flickr. 
  3. Every photo you use needs to have this attribution.

 Here is your assignment....

 Go to your e-portfolio.  You are going to use photos to create your name. 
  • Start your flickr search.  
  • Search for "letter C" or what ever your name starts with. 
  • Choose all sizes
  • choose Square 75 by 75
  • Right click on the image and copy image location.
  • Go to wikispaces and edit your e-portfolio page
  • Right at the beginning you need to paste all of your letters in
  • Don't for get to create the attribution cc licensed flickr photo by bigbluemeanie:

Remember to always to use only images you are allowed to use.  Good luck and have fun.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Let's go over what is due for MONDAY

As always please leave comments behind at our new "sister" blogs in Virden and in Croatia.

The first thing that is due is your GROWING POST

Surface Area Growing Post

Title Surface Area Growing Post
Labels growingpost, surfacearea

Rectangular Prism
  • Draw a Rectangular Prism
  • Draw its net.
  • List all measurements on the drawing and on the net.
  • What formulas do you use to calculate surface area?
  • Calculate our the surface are of your rectangular prism.
Triangular Prism
  • Draw a Triangular Prism
  • Draw its net.
  • List all measurements on the drawing and on the net.
  • What formulas do you use to calculate surface area?
  • Calculate our the surface are of your triangular prism.
  • Draw a Cylinder Prism
  • Draw its net.
  • List all measurements on the drawing and on the net.
  • What formulas do you use to calculate surface area?
  • Calculate our the surface are of your cylinder prism.

Here are some images to use in your post.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Create a video with up to 2 other people explaining how to calculate surface area of the Rectangular and Triangular Prisms and the Cylinder.

The videos can be found at There are 2 channels that you have used.  Spmath or charbeck.

If you still have not streamed a video yet you can access the Spmath channel by going to ustream and  using spmath as you username and our regular password as the password.

Assignment 2

Your movie project is moving along.  We will be using the laptop pod to create and find media.  Before you have to have completed the following steps:
  1. Create a shared google presentation
  2. Have your essay in the presentation
  3. 10 big questions
  4. Links to research sites
  5. Choose 5 Questions 
  6. Research each of your 5 questions (3 points minimum)
  7. For each piece of information have a source (copy the url after your information)
  8. Create a wordle of you information
  9. Copy the wordle into your presentation
  10. Use the wordle and your questions to create a storyboard and story arc for your movie
  11. Start creating and finding media for your movie.
See you on Monday

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

2 Minutes to make a Difference Evaluation 2

Please fill out this form. It is for marks. You will have class time to complete it.