Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Homework

Make sure that all blog posts are completed. 

Square Root Day 2009.3.3

Your Square Root Homework is
  1. HW Book Pages 22 and 23
  2. Text book Page 86 17 to 23 and then Choose 2 from 24 to 27 on Page 87
Be sure to be leaving comments....


  • Scribe 1 Show You Know Page 82, Page 85 Questions 1,5,10,16

  • Scribe 2 Show You Know Page 83  Page 85 Questions 2,6,11,15

  • Scribe 3 Show You Know Page 84  Page 85 Questions 3,7,12,14

  • Scribe 4 Page 86 Questions 17 and 19 and 21

  • Scribe 5 Page 86 Questions 18 and 20 and 22

  • Scribe 6 Any 2 questions from Page 87

  • Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    Work for October 29

    Hi Everyone.  I am sick today.  I have no voice and find it depressing when I try to talk and sound like a snapping turtle.  Hrumph.  Here is the work you need to accomplish today.

    Homework Book 20, 21

    Show you Know on Page 82
    Show you Know on Page 83
    Show you Know on Page 84

    Copy down any Key Ideas you do not have onto your Foldable from Page 84
    Page 85 Do questions 1-13
    Page 86 Do Questions 14-18


    For all questions SHOW ALL YOUR WORK. It is not good enough to just put 3 as the answer to, What is the Square Root of 9? You have to prove your understanding. 

    If you get stuck use the back of the book for the answer, copy out the question and fill in the middle or the WORK.


    Each room needs three scribes today. 

    • Scribe 1 Show You Know Page 82, Page 85 Questions 1,5,10,16
    • Scribe 2 Show You Know Page 83  Page 85 Questions 2,6,11,15
    • Scribe 3 Show You Know Page 84  Page 85 Questions 3,7,12,14
    Each scribe must explain how to solve the questions mentioned. These are very important scribes. (New kids only.  no repeat scribes.) Labels are scribepost, Name, squareroots. Remember these scribes are important.  

    I will be in the Math Help Chat Box periodically during the day.  Leave a message if you need help.

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    Posting your Video FAQ

    There will be many questions about posting your video.  Here are a few hints in getting the job done.

    If you are using Windows Movie Maker you need to export it as a different file type.  This link will help you out.

    Signing in

    use your spmathgr8 email and password to get to the Sargent Park Youtube account.

    Once there click upload and find the file on your computer or drive.  While the file is uploading please take time and fill out some information at youtube.

    Please do not include your last names.  Use your display names from blogger (Biff817).

    Now back to your post.

    To embed from youtube you need to get the embed code.  It can be found here

    Copy it to your clipboard and return to your blog post.
    It is important that you are not in composer at blogger.  TO paste the code in properly you need to be in edit html.

    Enjoy your post.  Remember to comment on others work either at youtube or at the blog.  This assignment is due on Monday at 9:00.

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Sesame Street Video Post

    So the time has come to prepare a post to capture the math in your Sesame Street Video.  The post will need three parts to be complete;

    cc licensed flickr photo shared by Bert23

    Title Biff's Sesame Street Video Post (please substitute your name for Biff)
    Labels Biff817, ratiorateproportion, "Sesame Street Video" (substitute your name for Biff)
    Body of Post

    Who was in your group then...
    1. Part 1 Definition or Ratio, Rate and Proportion with an example showing how to use it.  Use your pink paper to help you.  These definition and examples will be part of your video.  Remember when you rewrite the script to the video or song please add the definition of Ratio Rate and Proportional Reasoning.
    2. Part 2 You need to embed the video from Sesame Street into your post.  To do that you need to go to youtube, search for the title of your Sesame Street video found at If you cannot find it at youtube please leave the link to the video at and a brief description.  i.e. The Count is counting different speeds on the speedometer etc
    3. Part 3 Embed your video in your post.  Upload your video to youtube.  We have a youtube channel.  To upload go to youtube and sign in a Your password is the same one we always use for math projects. There will be a second post on what to do at youtube.
    As always when you have finished your post please publish.  Over the weekend watch other videos and comment.   You can comment on other rooms too.

    Thursday, October 07, 2010

    Sesame Street Rocks

    Yesterday someone sent me a Sesame Street video. It wasn't this video but I saw but it peaked my interest...

    How can we use videos found at Sesame Street to show our learning.  Simple we are going to rewrite them!!!

    Yes I said rewrite.

    Your assignment is to choose a video from Sesame Street and rewrite to have a theme of either Ratio, Rate or Proportional Reasoning.  In the video above imagine Ernie is being hussled to buy a ratio.  You could show lots of different examples of ratio and explain what it is.  When Ernie is broke at the end and tells the hussler he bought 9's you could have bought rates. Ernie would then give multiple examples of rates.

    The possibilities are endless.

    Homework for Tuesday
    1.  Choose a group (up to 3 people and one person should have access to a camera)
    2. Choose a video from Sesame Street. Any video will do BUT you must rewrite it using Ratio Rate and Proportional Reasoning.
    3. Study for your Proportion Quiz on Tuesday.
    This assignment will be due on Monday October 18th at 9:00.  More information will follow.  Remember.....
    Choose a Video
    Choose a group