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More Multiplying Fractions

Here are the Slides from today's class. You need to answer the 8 problems and collaborate with a partner. Good luck. You will be assessed tomorrow.

Here is the ustream from todays class.

Monday, April 20, 2009

E-Portfolio Self and Peer Evaluations

Tomorrow in your Math and LA classes you will have the opportunity to self and peer evaluate your portfolios. These evaluations will be part of your mark on your portfolio. Here are some extra things you can have at your portfolio.

At Flickr I have put up 2 x-cross country meets and all the volleyball pictures from city championships. You can add those pictures to your portfolio.

You can also find pictures of volleyball there.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Next Step for your movie. Photographs

Alright here is what you have done so far.
  • You have a Google Presentation to house all of your information.
  • You have written an essay on your topic
  • You have a storyboard showing what your movie is going to look like.
Now here are the next steps.

The movie script, images and video footage are due by May 6. You must cite all images used by your group at your Google Presentation.

Your movie must be complete by May 20th at 9:00.

There are two ways to get images for your movie. Take them yourself or find them on the web.

  • The first way is easy. Use your digital camera and take pictures that will convince people to make a difference. Each picture that you use should tell a story.
  • You can store the pictures at your presentation or keep them on the memory card and use them at the end. Do not trash the pictures though. They can be hard to find again.
  • If you are using video footage that you have taken yourself also use your camera. Remember that all breathing and talking will be picked up by the mic on the camera. Be careful when you shoot. Do not move the camera around quickly. Pick one area to video and have people come to the camera. It is difficult to see things when you are panning the camera around quickly.
The second source of photographs is on the web. There are many pictures out there but you may not use all of them. You have to use pictures that people have given you permission to use. This permission is called Creative Commons Copyright. Many people will allow you to use their photos as long as you credit them when you publish your work. You can credit them when you in your closing credits.

Here is a screen capture explaining how to find images.

When you are using CC (Creative Commons) you need to give in your credits the photographers name and the link where you found the picture.

Poverty by carlaarena

Happy Earthday Everyone
by Eneas

You need to find images on the web to make your movie come to life. Good luck in searching for what you need to find. I have found that a thesaurus is handy. When you search for one word it is hard to find what you want. But if you know other words that mean the same thing then you are able to find a better image. Do not forget to cite the
  • photographer
  • url
  • name of the photograph
Other picture sites you can use are:
I also like Flickr Storm
You can never have too many pictures. You have only 2 minutes for this movie. Make sure you have more than enough images and that you have cited them all. Remember, photographer, url and Name of the photograph.

The next post will all be about audio, songs and voice overs. Coming soon!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Subtraction slides for Homework HElp

More Social Studies Goodness

8-16, 8-17, 8-41, 8-73

Things to focus on for the test on Ancient Rome:

What is important about these dates: 753BC, 509BC, 44BC, 27BC, AD117, AD410.

How did the government work during the Republic and the Empire? What do these words mean: consul, magistrate, senate, people’s assembly, patrician, plebeian, tribune, emperor, republic, empire.

Match the type of gladiator to their equipment.

Review the presentations that you made to the class and be prepared to write a paragraph describing your topic.

Study the questions on your video question sheet.

Possible long answer:
Compare and contrast the Patricians and the Plebeians. Include their roles in the founding of Rome, the government of Rome, their way of life, and their standard of living.

Describe the heights and depths of ancient Roman society. Include such things as the amazing water and sewage systems they created, the roads they built and the way they traded with far off nations.
Also write about the horrible gladiators, the public executions, the insanity of some of the emperors and the wild chariot races.
How did the Republic change into the Empire?

Write a little about what the Republic was like, how it was weak, what Julius Caesar and his two friends did to help end it and make it easy for Augustus to start an Empire.

Student Led Conferences and Electronic Portfolios

A few final touches for your portfolios. Please make sure you have all of your core subjects done by Monday. Math, Science, Social and Language Arts all have been explained to you.

Please make the following changes...

Change the Heading Literacy with ICT to Student Reflection leave the text as Heading 1.
Under Student Reflection please add and answer the following questions.
  1. Two things that I have done well this year are: (the examples can be from any subject)
  2. Two areas that I need to improve are: (the examples can be from any subject)
  3. My goals for the rest of the year are (the examples can be from any subject)
  4. My goals for beocoming a better learner
Also in this section please include a (Heading 2) Adult Response. Have your parents type in answers to the following

Dear, ________________
In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:

I can help you reach your goals by:


Please add your Social presentation to your Social Studies Section.

You also need a section called Movie or 2 Minutes to make a Difference. In this section please have the following
  • Link to your Pay It Forward Blog Post
  • Embed your Google Presentation
  • Link to your Essay For your Movie
Thank You and have a great weekend. All of this is to be completed by MONDAY :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Green Effect

A Post From Liem

The Green Effect!

Okay guys! I found this really cool idea! Its called the green effect.National Geographic with Sun Chips are joining forces to inspire people to make a change in their communities. We need to compose a letter to National Geographic of 250 words or less explaining what we can do to make our community a
GREEENER place. The five best ideas will win $20,000 dollars to help make their community a greeener place.

Some ideas would be like making a garden, putting recycling boxes around parks, making our school more green and other stuff! Imagine if what we can do with $20,000 dollars to make our community more

For more information please visit
Online voters will choose one winner, and a panel of judges will select the remaining four.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Examples Part 1

Ah the next step. Today you are going to create a storyboard and start to write a script. In your groups you will need to choose the most important topics and points that will convince people to make a difference.

1. In your groups read your essays to each other. From the essays choose 3 to 5 points that you think are very important. Record these points on a large sheet of paper.

2. Repeat the process for each group member. Make sure to record all of your work.

3. Once all of your points are recorded you need to organize them in a story arc. This means that you start your story softly then build to "the most important points" then finish with a concluding idea.... How to make a difference.

You will do this on a second large piece of paper. You will fold it into 16 rectangles and number them 1 -16. If you need more you can use the back of the paper. In each rectangle you will place the point or idea in order of appearance in your video. You can change your mind but you need to get an order down by the end of today.(April 15)

It would not be a bad idea to have more ideas in your storyboard than to have too few.
This is an example of a storyboard.

4. Now that your story that you want to tell is before you start to think of images or live action shots that will bring your message across. In each of the rectangles on your story board you can sketch out or write what you want for each idea.(a puppy with a birthday hat to show..... or a live action sequence that shows....)

5. As a group you need to write a script for parts or all of the movie. YOU NEED to have some dialog in your movie.

Due Date for these assignments

Story Board is due by the end of the afternoon. YES THAT WAS BY THE END OF THE AFTERNOON. If you want to use an online storyboard creator I found one here. You could use this at home to make your storyboard even better.

The script is due by Monday.

Both the script and the storyboard should be in your Google Presentation by Monday. O Yeah. Your portfolios are due on Monday too.

Work hard and have fun.

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Examples Part 2

Public Service Announcements or PSAs are examples of movies and slidecasts that are similar to the movies I expect you to write. Please use these examples and find others help you create your movie. Remember to "Make a Difference"

Kids See Kids Do

Quit Smoking

During this video count all the factual points brought out. You will be amazed at how many were squeezed into this video.

Think about the script of this video. It is only 30 seconds but it packs a powerful punch in combination with the music and video footage.

Hmm How about some bottled water

Here are some slidecasts. They are powerful presentations with a voiceover and soundtrack. They can be powerful movies that make a difference.

Food and Nutrition

Look at the use of text slides and images. Imagine if there was a script and voice!!

Adding Fractions and Skills homework

Here are the slides from today's lesson.

Here is the information for the Skills students from 841

Monday, April 13, 2009

Adding Fractions and E-Portfolio Work

E-Portfolio Update

Please remember to have your e-portfolios done. You need to have your math and LA done by tomorrow. If you can not screen capture please use a text link. In other words please type in the text and then link the text to your work at the blog or other web page.

Please add another subject at your portfolio. Call it Movie and make it Heading 1. Under the Movie heading please add your google presentation and essay. You will need to publish your google presentation. You will get some code and it will look like this...

iframe src='' frameborder='0' width='410' height='342'>

Presentation will look like this

You then need to add a link to your essay. Please publish your essay and get the link from Google Documents.


Here are the slides for today's class on Adding Fractions.

Here is the ustream of today's lesson.

Please remember to have your e-portfolios done. You need to have your math and LA done by tomorrow. If you can not screen capture please use a text link. In other words please type in the text and then link the text to your work at the blog or other web page.

Your next movie working day will be Wednesday afternoon.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Next Steps for your Movie Project

Well today (MONDAY April 13) was the deadline for your essay. You have had a chance to have it peer edited and looked over by a teacher. The rewritten essay needs to be republished.

Hand in copy of essay to your home room teacher (73 give it to Mr. Mclean). Your teacher will read it and return it to you that period or before the end of the day.

The next step will be to use all of the essays from the group and to pick out the important information from each one. An example would be in each essay choose 2 to 3 ideas you think are important. In a group of 4 that would be 8 to 12 points to link together in a story line. Consider this another essay outline without the essay. You will now create a story board for this outline of important points.

At your Google Presentation you will now create slides showing the storyboard of your movie. Even though these say slide 1,2 etc add these slides to the end of your current presentation.

Slide1 Title
Slide 2 First big idea and supporting points
Slide 3 Second big idea and supporting points
Slide 4 Third big idea and supporting points
Slide Fourth big idea and supporting points

... and so on.

Timing is important. You only have 2 minutes to make people want to make a difference. You now need to think about what pictures would capture the hearts and imagination of people. You might need to film some live action shots for your movie too. All of this needs to be taken into consideration when creating this movie.

If you do not plan live shots and will just narrate over pictures and posters you need to check out this presentation.

The Storyboard is due on Monday April 20th. Your Movie Google Presentation and Essay should be part of your e-portfolio. Please embed both of them into your portfolio before the end of the week. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Skills Information

Your skills post information Rooms 16 and 17

Social Studies Assignment

Grade 8 Social Studies Ancient Rome Presentation Assignment

Due April 15 – email me the slideshow and a copy of your presentation notes with the names of your group members and your room number:

Each group will take one part of ancient Rome and create a Google Docs Presentation to show to the rest of the class.

Each presentation will consist of 12 slides (plus one citation slide), and should take about 6 minutes to present.

You will need to work together to create the slides, practice your presentation and finally, present your information to the class.

You should know which topic your group has, if you are not sure, ask me!

If you have any questions, email me:

Instructions for all Slideshows

Use nice, clear pictures. Everybody likes to see what you are talking about. Don’t feel like you need to write every single thing that you will say on the slide. In a slideshow presentation, often the slide will have a striking picture with a few notes that do not obstruct the view of the picture. The presenter will then read from a different set of notes to explain the picture and give greater detail than what is on the slide. Just filling a slide with written notes and reading them is not a slideshow presentation, it is a boring boresentation. Keep it simple, and make it fun.

The information that you come up with and present will be part of the final unit test.

Cite your sources on slide 13.


You will be marked be your classmates on your presentation based on

i) how well you address the questions and ideas of topic (5 marks)

ii) how clearly you speak (5 marks)

iii) how many slides you have (5 marks)

iv) how well your classmates can understand what you are talking about (5 marks)

You will also give each other a group mark (5 marks)

I will give you a mark based on

i) how well you addressed the questions and ideas of the topic (5 marks)

ii) how accurate your information is (5marks)

iii) how professional your slideshow looks, how well it flows from one slide to the next, and how close you get to the six minute limit without going over (5 marks)

iv) citations (5 marks)

Rise and Decline Slideshow

You need at least 3 or 4 (maybe even more) maps that show Roman territory expanding or declining with the appropriate dates. You will also need information on the culture of Rome, including the gods, the arts, and other things that they adopted from other cultures.

Describe how life might have changed for the average Roman citizen throughout the rise and decline of Rome.

Governance Slideshow

There will be two main sections to this slideshow, the Republic and the Empire. Each was governed differently; explain how they were the same and how they were different. Also, include how or why the way Rome was governed changed. Finally, describe how Rome governed her provinces like Gaul and Egypt.

Trade Slideshow

Explain the importance of Roman roads. Describe what Rome would buy and sell, and where these things would come from or go to. Describe how things were moved from one part of Rome to another, did they use ships, trains, etc? Did the Romans use money, or did they barter? What were some of the things that Rome traded that we would find unusual? Finally, how did trade with other cultures affect the Roman culture, did other people rub off on the Romans?

Empire Building Slideshow

How was Rome able to change from being a little city-state into being a major world Empire? What systems of government did Rome put in place to keep the places that they had conquered as part of the empire? How was Rome able to spread its culture into the places that it had conquered? Also include information on the “city” and how building cities helped Rome expand their empire.

War and Territorial Expansion Slideshow

Describe the Roman army. Tell us what things like “legions” the “tortoise” and other Roman military terms are. Describe and give pictures of the military and its tools of warfare. Describe how Rome supported the military, how the military moved from place to place, how they fought, and how they expanded Roman territory. Finally, what was life in the Roman army like, and what were some of the benefits that soldiers might receive?

Technology and Achievements

What kinds of things did the Romans invent? How did these things affect the daily life of Romans? What types of Roman inventions do we still use today in some shape or form? What do you think the three most outstanding Roman inventions and achievements were? Who were some of the famous Romans that invented these things?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Essays Due Tomorrow

Ah Spring break is over and the essays are due. Tomorrow you will be expected to
  • have a paper copy,
  • your rough draft and any other work that you have done on your essay.
You will hand these essays into your homeroom teacher before noon. You will have the essays back by the next day. If you need to revise your work you can republish it and it will have its updates.

Remember that you are being marked on completing tasks on time and on the quality of your work.


Fractions Day 1

Hi we revisited one of the Fraction investigations from last year. Here is the slide deck from todays class. I have also embedded the video capture from the lesson. Cya Tomorrow.

Here is the lesson

Sunday, April 05, 2009

A cool math video

This is a really cool math video. Not bad for 1 minute. What do you think. Thank you to my friend @courosa who is a Professor in Saskatchewan for sharing it with me.

What do you think!