Monday, April 20, 2009

E-Portfolio Self and Peer Evaluations

Tomorrow in your Math and LA classes you will have the opportunity to self and peer evaluate your portfolios. These evaluations will be part of your mark on your portfolio. Here are some extra things you can have at your portfolio.

At Flickr I have put up 2 x-cross country meets and all the volleyball pictures from city championships. You can add those pictures to your portfolio.

You can also find pictures of volleyball there.


Mr. H said...

Test question for tomorrow.!!!!

Jake and Billy are working together to weed a garden. Jake weeded 2/3 of the garden, and Billy weeded 1/9 .
a) How much of the garden have they weeded?
b) How much of the garden do they still have to weed?

Mr. H said...

For a bonus mark on your test create and publish a post called BOB on Fractions. Tell me what you understood about adding and subtracting fractions and what you had problems with. Remember one bonus mark!!! Label the post BOB,fraction,!@#$username.

linda 8-17 said...

Mr. H we can't have !@#$ as a label. I labeled mine as BOB, fraction, and my username. Is that okay?

Mr. H said...

YOu put your name were the @#$%^ is. Congrats on doing a BOB.