Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Next Step for your movie. Photographs

Alright here is what you have done so far.
  • You have a Google Presentation to house all of your information.
  • You have written an essay on your topic
  • You have a storyboard showing what your movie is going to look like.
Now here are the next steps.

The movie script, images and video footage are due by May 6. You must cite all images used by your group at your Google Presentation.

Your movie must be complete by May 20th at 9:00.

There are two ways to get images for your movie. Take them yourself or find them on the web.

  • The first way is easy. Use your digital camera and take pictures that will convince people to make a difference. Each picture that you use should tell a story.
  • You can store the pictures at your presentation or keep them on the memory card and use them at the end. Do not trash the pictures though. They can be hard to find again.
  • If you are using video footage that you have taken yourself also use your camera. Remember that all breathing and talking will be picked up by the mic on the camera. Be careful when you shoot. Do not move the camera around quickly. Pick one area to video and have people come to the camera. It is difficult to see things when you are panning the camera around quickly.
The second source of photographs is on the web. There are many pictures out there but you may not use all of them. You have to use pictures that people have given you permission to use. This permission is called Creative Commons Copyright. Many people will allow you to use their photos as long as you credit them when you publish your work. You can credit them when you in your closing credits.

Here is a screen capture explaining how to find images.

When you are using CC (Creative Commons) you need to give in your credits the photographers name and the link where you found the picture.

Poverty by carlaarena

Happy Earthday Everyone
by Eneas

You need to find images on the web to make your movie come to life. Good luck in searching for what you need to find. I have found that a thesaurus is handy. When you search for one word it is hard to find what you want. But if you know other words that mean the same thing then you are able to find a better image. Do not forget to cite the
  • photographer
  • url
  • name of the photograph
Other picture sites you can use are:
I also like Flickr Storm
You can never have too many pictures. You have only 2 minutes for this movie. Make sure you have more than enough images and that you have cited them all. Remember, photographer, url and Name of the photograph.

The next post will all be about audio, songs and voice overs. Coming soon!

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