Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 Step Algebra

Here are today's Algebra Questions.

Here are today's algebra questions
Page 1

Page 2

The 30 questions will be due tomorrow.  Work hard thanks.

Here are the distributive property questions

Monday, April 23, 2012

Integer Test Practice

Integer test tomorrow. Your test will look just like these two practice sheets.

Integer 1

Integer 2

Practice because there is a time limit and no calculators for the test.

Here are today's algebra questions.

Here are your Algebra Questions for April 23.  homework check tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final cut

Congratulations on making revisions to your movies.  I hope the comments and feedback were helpful.  Please make sure you have the following things in your final Movie

  • include Final Cut in the Title
  • In the description please write a few sentences describing the changes from the first draft to the final cut.
  • Include a few sentences describing your movie
  • make sure that all group members name and room numbers are in the description.
Labels should be 2minutes2012 and spmath.  Here are the movies that have been uploaded so far.  The Due date is Wednesday at 9:00.

Please embed this final cut at your eportfolios.


Monday, April 09, 2012

E-Portfolios are coming

In recent days you have been gathering your work and digitizing it in your LA and Social Classes.  This week we need to upload your files and add them to your e-portfolios.  But first a brief refresher course.
Sargent Park 2012 E-Portfolios can be found here. You will need to log into wikispaces to be able to edit your pages. 

When arriving at the homepage please click your room image and you will be transported to your room page.  At your room page you now need to find your name on the left hand side. 

Now you are at your e-portfolio home.  Each of your subjects needs to have content added to its section.  We will start with We Day.  Under this heading you need to embed the following things, your Google Presentation, your First Draft and finally your Final version of your movie.  To embed you need to do the following.

  • Click edit at Wikispaces
  • You now will have a tool bar ontop of your page
  •   This widgit button is key to embedding items into your wiki.  
  • To embed your Google Presentation please open your Google Docs and find your presentation.  Click the share button to get the embed code. Copy this to your clipboard.  
  • In wikispaces once the widgit button is pressed you go to "other html" paste the code into the box and press OK.  Then save your wiki.
  • Go to youtube and get the same code for your video.  
  • At Wikispaces click the widgit button again and this time go to Youtube.  Here paste in your embed code for your video.  Now you have 2 things embedded at the wiki.
Day One is now done.  Wait till you hear about Day 2!!

2 Minutes to Make a Difference 2012 First Drafts

Congratulations to many of you for completing the first draft of your movie projects.  The rubrics that they are being marked on are located from these links:
Production and Direction Rubric
Content Rubric

Here is a movie playlist with all the spmathgr8 movies so far this year. 

Please comment on as many movies as you can.  When commenting on the movies provide positive feedback on what would make the movie better.  You all have spent many hours on this project.  Many of you have fantastic artistry and skills that need to be shared.

  • One model for leaving comments is 3 stars and a wish.  The three stars are great parts about the movie, the wish is something that needs to be improved upon.
  • Another comment model is to choose parts of the rubric and watch a few videos.  Then comment on based on the criteria you have chosen to specifically comment on.  i.e. What is the issue? This is the first criteria on the content rubric.  The issue is clearly communicated early in the movie. Essential background information provided. These criteria are how a person gets 5 marks.  If you think that they have accomplished this then say that they have done this well.  If you know they are lacking this part of the rubric then ask them to be more specific when doing their final version.
The more comments people receive the better the movie projects will be.  I hope you find time to comment and then to revise your movie by next week.

Fantastic job so far.  Continue working hard.


Thursday, April 05, 2012

First Draft of your Movie Project 2012

Welcome to the next to last part of your 2 Minutes to Make a Difference movie project. You need to upload your first draft to youtube by Monday.  Please make sure you follow the instructions below. 

  • log in to youtube using spmathgr8
  • the password is the standard one we have used all year.

  • at youtube while the video is uploading please do the following
  • Title your movie Subject 2 Minutes Movie Project 2012 First Draft
  • Description Include your group members names and a 1 sentence summary of the movie
  • Tags will be spmath, subject, 2minutes 2012
  • Category is Education
  • License is CC not standard

If you are experiencing difficulty uploading to youtube please read this link. It will be helpful for students using Microsoft Movie Maker.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Integer Game and Work

Make me walk the plank.  New integer game.  Easy and fun. 

Here is today's homework.

Old Marking Rubric

Here are the rubrics used last year to mark your projects.  In 2012 there will be some changes.  These rubrics are a good start for you when doing your first draft.  The new rubrics will be done by Monday April 9th.

There are 2 categories that you will be marked in for your Movie Project.  One is Production and Direction (The artistry of your movie) and Content.  Here are the two rubrics that will be used.  Feel free to print them off and ask questions.  If you have completed a movie and want to make it better please use the rubrics to achieve a better mark.

Production and Direction Marking Rubric

Content Marking Rubric