Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Need Dice

Ok it is really sad that I have to do this but so many of you do not have dice at home. What do you do for fun. Ask for board games for your birthdays.

Click the dice and you will be linked to a site that has a virtual dice. Add the total of the two rolls to get the sum. Record these sums in a list.

When you get to the link click the dice to access the virtual dice.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Problem Solving

Here is a problem from a great mathematician. Can you solve it? How many different ways are there to get the answer? Lets find out. Consider this question KRYPTO on steroids.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Be prepared. Test tomorrow!

Take a short Quiz
or this one

Here are the questions handed out in class today. Some of them will be on your test.

1. Vinnie received a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle for his birthday. The following times indicate how long it took him to complete the puzzle the first six times he did it:
54 min, 36, min, 34 min, 29 min, 27 min, 28 min
  • What is the Range?
  • Which measure of central tendency best shows the average, mean median or mode in theis question.
  • Explain your answer.
2. Create a set of data where you would use the mean to find the average. Now add more data so that a different measure of central tendency would be more accurate now to show the average. Explain your two sets of data.

3. Kenny recorded the number of baskets he made out of ten attempts during each basketball practice. After 9 practices his results were:
4, 7, 5, 6, 3, 7, 2, 3, 7
  • What are the mean median and mode.
  • Which measure of central tendency best describes these data? Explain why.
4. Create a set of 5 numbers that has a mean and median of 6. Show all your work.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Test Problems

Here are your voicethreads from today. Please leave comments behind if you do not understand how students solved the problem. Leave comments behind if you like how students solved the problems.





Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Homework

Here are todays slides
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Getting ready for the test of Thursday. You need to created a 4 x 4 magic square. Please use the integers 1-16 to make all the rows and columns vertically, horizontally and diagonally add up to the same sum.

What patterns do you notice in the square? Are yours the same as other peoples patterns? Can't answer this question go to the chat box and put in your pattern and see if anyone else has something different.

Mean Median and Mode

The image is a link. Click it and you can check out if you have a correct answer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Game Stimulation

After you complete your homework stimulate your brain with this parking lot game. You need to get the yellow car out of the parking lot. Remember you have a test on Thursday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monday September 15

Hi everyone. I am not here for the morning but I am here on the blog. Mr. Angeles will get you through the morning. All work is to be completed for tomorrow. Please work hard to get it done on time.

1. Krypto. Todays numbers are 1, 12, 6, 11, 8, 4 = 9 For those of you who do not remember the rules you need to use the red numbers to create the number 9. Remember the order of operations and remember to write out your equations horizontally if possible.

2. Similar to the triangle questions we have been doing in class you are now going to make a Magic square. You may only use the integers 1-9 and all rows horizontally, vertically and diagonally need to have the same sum. If you think you have a correct answer you can ,at home, with the following link.

3. Please find the Mean Median Mode and Range for the following sets of data:

The image is a link that will allow you to check your answers.

Two more problems for today...
4. The number of minutes that trains were late to arrive at a station was recorded.
  • Find the Mean Median and Mode
  • Which measure would you use to argue that too many trains are late each day?

5.The table below gives the number of accidents each year at a road intersection.
  • Work out the Mean Median and Mode
  • A road safety group want to get the council to make this junction safer.
    Which measure will they use to argue for this?
  • The council don't want to spend money on the road junction.
    Which measure will they use to argue that safety work is not necessary?

All images have links for you to go to the webpage and check if you are correct. Do not forget to use the chatroom tonight if there are any difficulties and work hard.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend game

Try this over the weekend. Make the red rectangular prism disappear. Good luck it is harder than you think.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mean Median and Mode

Sorry for the delay. Here is the activity from class.

Former Students explanation of Mean Median and Mode.

Part 2 of the movie because you liked part one so much!!

Song about Mean Median and Mode

Monday, September 08, 2008

Meet the Teacher 2008

Dear Parents and students this year is going to be an exciting one. I am looking forward to teaching your students math and having them engage in 21st Century learning. What is 21st Century learning. I define it as using the communication technology that your students love so much and having it be used to complete math assignments.

I want your students to communicate math as much as possible. I hope they will use their cellphones, videos, blogs and wiki's to learn in a fun safe environment.

Here is a movie that I created to introduce you to math in Room 17.

Parents and Students last year I started the year off with this post. It is still valuable and a good read. Enjoy the year.

Every year there is an opportunity to meet the parents of my students. I get to explain how my course is run and what expectations I have of the students and of parents.

Assessment in the course this year for the first term is based on test and quiz scores, journalling, completion computer units, mental math activities and interaction with the classroom blog.

I like to give the parents a heads up on the positive aspects of blogging and the importance of the students being responsible for their actions.

Blogging is a very public form of communication. Bud Hunt, a teacher in the U.S. has these guidelines for his students. I will use them too.

  1. Students using blogs are expected to treat blog spaces as classroom spaces. Speech that is inappropriate for class is not appropriate for our blog. While we encourage you to engage in debate and conversation with other bloggers, we also expect that you will conduct yourself in a manner reflective of a representative of this school.

  2. Never EVER EVER give out or record personal information on our blog. Our blog exists as a public space on the Internet. Don’t share anything that you don’t want the world to know. For your safety, be careful what you say, too. Don’t give out your phone number or home address. This is particularly important to remember if you have a personal online journal or blog elsewhere.

  3. Again, your blog is a public space. And if you put it on the Internet, odds are really good that it will stay on the Internet. Always. That means ten years from now when you are looking for a job, it might be possible for an employer to discover some really hateful and immature things you said when you were younger and more prone to foolish things. Be sure that anything you write you are proud of. It can come back to haunt you if you don’t.

  4. Never link to something you haven’t read. While it isn’t your job to police the Internet, when you link to something, you should make sure it is something that you really want to be associated with. If a link contains material that might be creepy or make some people uncomfortable, you should probably try a different source.

One form of blogging work is Scribe Posts.

Scribe Posts

Write a brief summary of what we learned in class today. Include enough detail so that someone who was away sick, or missed class for any other reason, can catch up on what they missed. Over the course of the semester, the scribe posts will grow into the textbook for the course; written by students for students. Remember that as each of you write your scribe posts. Ask yourself: "Is this good enough for our textbook? Would a graphic or other example(s) help illustrate what we learned?" And remember, you have a global audience, impress them.

Students will be expected to contribute one scribe post every 30 classes or about 4 times a year.

Examples of Scribe Posts from last year.

LaraMae did a scribe post during our algebra unit. Her scribe included a picture that accuratly depicted a piece of paper that had been folded into 5 columns filled with notes. It was awesome.

Norielle through the use of one image described and explained how to find the surface area of a cylinder.

Josh showed how to find the volume of geometric solids in tremendous detail.

The Scribe Post Hall of Fame showcases the best Scribe Posts from around the globe. Our student figure prominantly on this site.

Another way we use our classroom blog is to create Growing Posts.

Growing Posts

Growing posts are like unit reviews. Each growing post starts off as one post by the student answering one question about a concept. Each day the students have to answer a new question and add it to their post. At the end of the unit they will have a comprehensive resource of material needed to study for tests or complete assignments.

Here are some excellent Growing Posts

Sometimes students strive for enrichment. Here is an example of intrinsic creativity
Aldrin's Fraction Growing Post

Dion's Growing Post

The Growing Post Hall Of Fame was created to allow student work to be displayed for the world to see. I am proud of the work that students did last year and am looking forward to this years inductee's.

This years classes will participate in many activities that will prepare them for their future. As parents enjoy their ride through the Sargent Park Math Zone of Room 17. If you dare come along for the ride with them!!

I showed the students this video today. Watch it and see where the world might... is going. It was made by a teacher K. Fisch from Colorado.

Did You Know

Mr. Harbeck

Down to business on a Monday

Today in class we talked about the weekend homework. Congratulations on getting it done.

Your homework today is KRYPTO a game that makes you use 5 numbers to create a 6th number. Check out the slide that has todays KRYPTO numbers so that you can complete your homework.

You need to complete 3 triangles to create the sums of 19, 21 and 23.

Finally you have to find What shoe size would you say was in the middle? Make sure you EXPLAIN why you chose your answer.

If you wish you can leave a comment behind explaining how and why you arrived at your answers.

The slideshare link is not working properly for me. Click the picture to see the notes from today's classes.

Friday, September 05, 2008

More Problems

Using the integers from 1 to 9. Place one integer in each of the circles, so that the sum along each side of the triangle is 20. Use each number only once.

Use the same numbers to obtain a sum of 17 along each side.
What other sums are possible along each side?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tired of Math Already

One thing that is important in math is being logical and thinking in different ways. One way to train your mind is to play games. Yes you read that correctly Play games.

Cubeoban is a fun game that is played by pushing and pulling blocks until they are in their designated place. Click here to play the game.

Leave a comment on the level you have reached and the strategies that you use to get to the next level. Were any levels harder than other?

Enjoy this post. But after you have completed the last post's homework.

Thirsty? Need some OJ!

Original image: 'Goodies Diner, Palm Desert, CA'
by: Michael Slezak ( pronounced Slay-zak). Thank you for visiting.

Sam is thirsty and wants some orange juice. Store A sells the OJ for

ans Store B sells the OJ for

Where can Sam find the best deal? Justify your answer (solve it a different way and achieve the same result)

Complete this in your math notebook and leave a comment behind if you wish.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Your first homework

OOPS I gave you the wrong address at school. To upload you photos use this address


Welcome to Math. Tonight you have an assignment. You have to use a digital camera or a cellphone to take a picture of the number I have given you in class.

The steps are
  1. Take a picture of the given number.
  2. Email it to the address in class.
  3. Make a note to yourself about how you found the number.
  4. Be creative.
  5. Respect other peoples property and privacy.

Flickr image http://flickr.com/photos/ma1974/354819416/

Where do you see 15 here? Click the link if you give up! http://www.flickr.com/photos/30175919@N06/2823013659/

Welcome to Math Class of 2008-09

Here are some videos about math. What are interesting to you? What do you notice?

Abbot and Costello (Video 1)

Ma and Pa Kettle (Video 2)

Our First Unit (Video 3)

Commercials and Math? (Video 4)

Please leave a comment behind. In the comment tell me what you think about the videos and what math you see in each one. Remember this is a math class. Don't just say that "the video is funny!"