Friday, October 30, 2009

Rate Growing Post Instructions

Welcome to your first Growing Post.  A Growing Post is a post where you will do 2 to 3 edits and add information every time.  Please return to this post to see the next set of instructions.

  • Title your Post %%%%%'s Rate Growing Post
  • Label your post growingpost, rate, user name
  • Define ratio
  • Define rate
  • What is the difference between ratio and rate?
  • Choose one of the questions page 60 and answer it.   (be sure to copy out the question before you answer it.)
  • Choose one of the questions on page 61 and answer it. (be sure to copy out the question before you answer it.)
  • Look at the coin question again from the ratio unit.  Create a question that can be answered using rate.  Answer that question.
This is the end of Part 1

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Questions about Rate

Do them in your notebook.  We will see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All the work you could owe.... but are to lazy to find :)

Many of you are asking about the "no dance" list.  Here is what must be completed before you arrive at the Halloween Dance.

cc licensed flickr photo by 顔なし:

Graphing Unit
1. Sign up to the blog
3. Bob Graphing

5. Coin Math 1 and 2 

One thing that many of you do is to label your posts incorrectly.  Please make sure to label all posts with your display name, and the other labels described at the posts above.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Time to BOB again

Hey everyone. So that test was not the best test on record. Let's make Monday's test better. Please re BOB and talk about your mistakes.

  1. Edit your BOB post.
  2. Add a label BOB2
  3. What were the mistakes you made on your test. Show examples of answers that were wrong. What was your mistake. How will you remember what to do in future tests.
  4. Rewrite 2 questions that gave you difficulty with different numbers. Answer the questions correctly in the comments to your blog. Encourage others to participate at your blog by getting them to answer your questions.
  5. Use the slides provided to understand the questions better.
Ratio 6
View more documents from charbeck1.

I posted this to the wrong blog. Sorry it is late

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bob for Ratio

Here are the instructions to complete your BOB on ratios.  Remember this is a way of preparing for a test.  Please take time to do a good job on understanding your ratio unit.

  1. Title Must include BOB and RATIO.
  2. labels, displayname, bob, ratio
  3. You must include one of the pictures from today's lesson.  The easiest way to include it is to use its location address.  Click the picture link provided, right click the picture, copy location.  Once you have copied the location add image to the blog but use add url not browse my computer.  Paste the url into the window and click ok.  Your picture should be there.  (Just get the picture on the post)
  4. Once the picture is at your blog you must create the following.  3 part to part ratios, 2 part to total ratios and 2 three part ratios.  Please for each have a word ratio and ratio notation.
  5. Choose one ratio that you have done and show how to write that ratio in ratio notation, fraction, decimal and percent form.
  6. Choose one ratio that you have written and show how to create equivalent ratios.
  7. Finally create 3 questions that you want people to answer in the comments. Do not make them to hard or too easy. 
  8. Answer your questions in the comment section of your post.  
  9. Go and answer as many questions as you can about ratio at other posts in your room and the other rooms in grade 8.
  10. Look for cheats in comments.  I will post helping hints and questions in comments around the blogs. 
 biG miNiaTURe wOrLd


 Handy Candy

Crayon Lineup

The Alte Ratio

Bo ho ho hokeh


Friday, October 16, 2009

Ratio Weekend posts and homework.

Here are the slides. The labels are on the second slide.

View more documents from charbeck1.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ratio Day three

Hey everyone.  There will only be one scribe per room today.  You can get ready to scribe over the weekend.  Here are todays slides. 

View more documents from charbeck1.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here are the slides of today's class.

View more documents from charbeck1.

Here is the ustream of the lesson

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coin Math Part 2

Remember today we went over one possible solution for your coin problems.  Please make sure you answer your questions in the same post as yesterday.

Tags need to be coinmath, ratio and displayname.

Here are the slides

Thanks and work hard

Friday, October 09, 2009

Coin Math

Hey here is your homework for the long weekend.  Choose 2 questions from the slides below.  The questions must be one purple and one red or blue.  You can choose the questions from any slide.  You must explain the question using math.  If you are smart you collaborate with a friend to get these questions done.  2 heads are better than one.

Labels, coinmath, ratio, displayname

Coin Ratio
View more documents from charbeck1.

Eat turkey and be merry!!


Coins, Questions, Where do we go from here.

What can you tell me about this jar of coins?  As a table group come up with 10 questions.  From your 10 questions choose your favorite 5.

Monday, October 05, 2009

The four4's

Here is the homework for today.  Make sure to convince an audience that you are correct.

Thanks for blogging.  Remember to label the post four4s and your display name

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Graphing Assessment

Today in class you are going to play a game, create some graphs and then..... hand in an assessment.

  1. Find a partner.
  2. Roll the dice 15 times and your partner rolls the dice 15 times.
  3. Record the sum of the dice each time (2 to 12)
  4. Organize your data.
  5. Place your data on a graph. Be sure to title it, label it and follow all the conventions of graphing.
  6. What conclusion can you draw from your experiment.
  7. Use the same data and find a way to Misrepresent the information that you have gathered.  
  8. Remake the graph showing the same data in different ways (draw our attention to a different piece of information)
  9. Write a few sentences explaining what you did to the graph and WHY you did what you did.So here is what needs to be handed in on one piece of graph paper,
  • Organized Data
  • Graph 1 showing the data and 2 to 3 sentences explaining conclusions that can be made.
  • Graph 2 Misrepresent the data and redraw the graph.  2 to 3 sentences explaining what you have done.
  • Bonus Make a Circle Graph for the same information.

Everything is on One piece of paper or......... You can post it online for bonus marks. It is due on Monday no ifs ands or ...buts :)