Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Scratch assignment for today December 14

Make sure you have a Simple Maze Game completed (last week’s assignment).

Now on to a more complex maze.  

  • Create another maze in scratch with similar wall distances (finger sized)
  • Create a sprite to navigate the maze and a sprite to complete the maze
  • *New* add two more sprites that will act as ghosts.  They will patrol part of your maze to stop the “maze sprite” from completing its task. Have them move back and forth.  This is the new coding for this maze.
Make sure the maze is completable and not too difficult.  Sorry for being absent.  See my blogpost for a maze that works with ghosts.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Timeline Typography Project

Here is the slide deck that explains the types of typography you need to have in your Timeline.

Each event and date should be in a large enough font to be seen in the preview at Google Drive.

Here is my timeline so far.
You may only have 2 fonts per page.
Keep it black and white.
You may have as many textboxes as needed to make a great presentation.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Autobiography Assignment Grade 8 Technology

Welcome to more instructions about your Autobiography.

Please have versions 1 and 2 done by today.  The next part of your assignment is finding images of you or things about you.

Since I am not here today I want you to create 3 images in paint that we will add to your Autobiography.  Save them to your U drive.

All parts of the assignment are in the slide deck below.  Please make sure you have everything done up to V2 and you have at least 3 images created by you in Paint stored in the U-drive

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Meet the Teacher 2016

Welcome Parents

It is looking like a terrific year for the Grade 8 Students.  Please ask us any questions that you have and be sure to email us any questions you have about your students progress and work.

Meet the Teacher Course Outlines

This year at Sargent Park the students are allowed to BYOD.  This is an exciting oppotunity for our Grade 8's.  Teachers will be offering students opportunities all year to use their personal devices in the classroom.

There are some ways they will be used

Reasons Why to have students prepared for the future

2016 Information

One of the original videos talking about digital change

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Marathon Parent Information 2016

Hello Parents. This year the Marathon Course is reversed.  Here are some helpful links for the race.  Your runner is on the spreadsheet.  It tells you when to arrive at the exchange (purple) and when the expected time of their team mate will arrive(white). I have also given an approximate time for your runner to finish their leg.  Please practice getting to the exchange points before the race.  Expect delays and give yourself plenty of time to get there on race day. For you veterans of the race there is a change this year.  We are running Backwards!! Be aware of new exchange points please.

The Marathon has a Google map and here are some helpful links. Click the links to see where the exchanges are in the city. When you arrive at the Google Map please click on Hospitality stations and you will see the Relay Exchange Zones.  These are the links that you want.

Please contact the school and ask for Mme Tetrault or Mr Harbeck before Thursday if you have questions.

Runner 1 Filipe, Veni, Kalea Renee

Suggested parking Park and Ride, or in Waverly Heights around Super Store. Walk about 1 Km to the start (15 Min)

Start Point University of Manitoba
End point Canoe Club

Runner 2 Josh, Dayman, Alicia, Jem 

Suggested parking at the St Vital YMCA or Windsor Community Club and Surrounding Area. 1 Km Walk to the start (15 minutes)

Start Point Canoe Club
End Point Laura Secord School

Runner 3 Karl, Kiel, Alane, Kieran

Suggested parking at the Liption or Ruby Streets between Portage and Westminister.  3/4Km Walk to the start (15 minutes)

Starting Point Laura Secord School
End Point Wellington Crescent @ Chattaway Blvd. (Rady Jewish Community Campus.)    

Runner 4 Zach, Arif, Shoki, Benya 

Suggested parking at the Rady JCC or on the other side of Kenaston. Walk to the start 1/2 km (10 Min)

Starting Point Wellington Crescent @ Chattaway Blvd. (Rady Jewish Community Campus.)    
End Point Point Road Waterford Ave  - Lyon Street (Ecole Viscount Alexander School)        

Runner 5 Meldar, Danny, Bethany, Vanessa

Suggested parking at the Shoppers Drugmart or on the other side of Pembina Hwy. (Access to Finish you need Pembina Hwy. Walk to the start 1/2 km (10 Min)

Starting Point Point Road Waterford Ave  - Lyon Street (Ecole Viscount Alexander School)    
End Point University of Manitoba Stadium    

Monday, May 30, 2016

Magazine Marking 2016 Making a Difference.

Here is the Marking form we will use for your Magazine Project this year.  Please make sure you have downloaded the PDF of your magazine before you start marking it.  You can also embed it at your Math blog.  Please get the code and embed it at a post called ####'s Me to We Magazine Post.  Label the post with your name and MEtoWE.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Multiplying Mixed Fractions

Work for Hans and Zach.

Heal Quickly.


Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Magazine Project 2015 Final Instructions

Here are the final instructions for the Magazine we are making at Joomag.

This is the minimum you should have in the magazine.  Make sure you have completed your essay and have done a difference making task(bake sale, bulletin board).

Due the last day of April.


Monday, March 07, 2016

Adding Bad Sprites to the Maze

Here is a video showing you how to add bad sprites to your maze.

Next we are going to make a Pac Man Game.

Here is the link to figure out how to make a Pac Man Game

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Technology Scratch assignment #2

Hello everyone.  I am at a Provincial Math Meeting today. This is your assignment.

Fireworks Part 2
Timeline 1 class

Create a new scratch program
Title it Fireworks 2 Multiple Shapes

Your program should have

  1. 5 fireworks
  2. each one is a different size
  3. Each one uses a different shape (triangle, square, rectangle, ...)
  4. Each firework should be a different colour
  5. The program should be published to the blog.
  6. Title your post Fireworks Part 2 Multiple Shapes
  7. Label you post Fireworks Part 2 Multiple Shapes, name, Scratch
  8. It needs to be done within one class.
Good luck

Monday, February 08, 2016

2 Minutes to Make a Difference 2016

Good morning everyone.  Here are your first instructions on making your 2 Minutes project this year.  In years past we have made a movie and had you publish them to Youtube.  This year we are making a magazine and publishing it.  If you still wish to make a movie it can be part of the interactive magazine you are making.

Here are your first instructions.  Most of what are in these instructions you have done already.  You will be expected to have certain things completed every week.  Yep one week per assignment.  Please stay up to date so that your finished product is a awesome as possible.