Friday, April 17, 2009

More Social Studies Goodness

8-16, 8-17, 8-41, 8-73

Things to focus on for the test on Ancient Rome:

What is important about these dates: 753BC, 509BC, 44BC, 27BC, AD117, AD410.

How did the government work during the Republic and the Empire? What do these words mean: consul, magistrate, senate, people’s assembly, patrician, plebeian, tribune, emperor, republic, empire.

Match the type of gladiator to their equipment.

Review the presentations that you made to the class and be prepared to write a paragraph describing your topic.

Study the questions on your video question sheet.

Possible long answer:
Compare and contrast the Patricians and the Plebeians. Include their roles in the founding of Rome, the government of Rome, their way of life, and their standard of living.

Describe the heights and depths of ancient Roman society. Include such things as the amazing water and sewage systems they created, the roads they built and the way they traded with far off nations.
Also write about the horrible gladiators, the public executions, the insanity of some of the emperors and the wild chariot races.
How did the Republic change into the Empire?

Write a little about what the Republic was like, how it was weak, what Julius Caesar and his two friends did to help end it and make it easy for Augustus to start an Empire.


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When is the test?

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ya i know i would like to know when the test is scheduled for, any one know?