Monday, October 20, 2008

What makes a good comment?

What is a comment? Why do we comment? I would like to commend the multitude of students that have been leaving comments behind at students blogs. I appreciate the time you take reading and being an audience for your fellow students. I have a few concerns though.

When one comments would it be possible to use some proper grammar. I would love to see capital letters, periods and sentences. You are doing such an awesome job. Proper grammar would make your comments even better.

What does it take to make a good comment. Is leaving a smilie and a few words enough? This is a tough question. I need you to read and comment but you also need to leave content behind. Is it possible to read the post and add to it. How would you make the post better.. Are there links that would explain the content to the reader better than the scribe has left behind.

Do not stop commenting but could you please write in sentences, add content and then read another post from another room. You are the most impressive group of bloggers I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. You make me proud everyday. Thanks for commenting and being part of a learning community. Lets set the bar high and do an even better job.

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