Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey here are today's notes

Tomorrow is a test. You need to know theoretical probability, experimental probability, probability trees and a few other things. You do not need to know about independent and dependent probability.

Here are today's slides

Probabilty October 15
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danarogo said...

Hello!! My name is Dana Rogoschewsky. I'm learning to become a teacher! wow hey, so what that means is that I take classes at the University for a bunch of years and then finally I can come and teach classes!

Maybe even your class!

I'm in Arts Education. Which means I take classes in the arts. I'm not that great at math but thats why being apart of this blog is going to be so great! You all can teach me!

Until next time keep working out those math problems!

Mr. H said...

Hi Dana If you want to fully participate in the blog you might want to join. There are 4 class blogs. Each has 35 students. We all could use an audience.

Drop me an email and I will subscribe you to the blogs and you can start to post and ask questions from the students. Thanks for participating. Having Dean as a teacher is an experience you will never forget. These tools are to stay. You are learning about them before you start teaching. Incorporate them into your pedagogy and you will be a enjoy the results.