Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lets finish this story!!

I am impressed with the completion rate of your stories. Many of you have them uploaded. Now for part 2.

  1. You need to continue your story and have 2 more integer adventures. One talking about subtraction and another about mixed operations (both adding and subtracting).
  2. You can end your story there or leave it open for more chapters.
  3. Once you have finished this draft, you need to read 3 other stories. You must leave behind a comment at each story. The comment has to tell the author how you improve the story,
  4. or what confuses you in the story
  5. and how the author can add detail to make parts of the story make more sense.
  6. As an author you need to read the comments and edit your story.
  7. You need to leave a self comment behind telling others what changes you made.
If you need an example of a comment go here. That comment is amazing. Work hard and enjoy math.

Thanks for making this assignment a success. I hope you liked it because POETRY IS NEXT!!

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