Monday, October 06, 2008

First Blogging Assignment

I should of done this earlier. Sorry it took so long.

You need to create an introductory post for the blog. We will use this post to introduce ourselves to the procedures of making a post and moving around your post.

The first thing you need to do is put labels on your post. Always use your profile name as one label and the assignment as the other label. Separate your labels with a comma. My labels would be Mr. H, mmm.

The second thing you do is to create a title for your post. Please call this @@@@@'s Measures of Central Tendency.

The third thing you will need to do is to type from your large piece of paper the definitions of Mean, Median, Mode and Range.

The fourth thing you will do is to create an image for each of the measures of central tendency. You can make them in paint or do them on paper and take a picture with your camera. You will need to upload them and put them in the right spot. Pictures always get put at the top of a post. Cut and paste them into their proper spots.

Following the pictures please make links for Mean, Median, Mode and Range. A different link is required for each one. To make a link have to browser tabs or windows open. In one find a link that is understandable for grade 8 students. Copy the url and get ready to paste it. In the second window have your post open. Highlight the word you want to be the link and click the link button on the toolbar. Paste the link into the pop up link box.

The final part of the assignment is to go to youtube. You will need to search for mean, median, or mode. Perhaps a search for measures of central tendency will work. Find an appropriate video that teaches something about the math we are learning. Copy the embed code and go back to your blog post. In your post write something like Here is a video on MMM the MMM is to help you in the next step. Change your blog viewer from Compose to Edit Html. Scroll down in the post window until you see MMM. Hit enter 3 to 4 times and paste your embed code in. You now have an embeded video on your post.

Before you publish you need to make sure the post looks good. Click the preview option and see if the post is "pretty" enough to publish. Try to get rid of formating errors and empty white spots. When your post looks great hit the publish button.

The best part about blogging is audience. You are creating a post for all of your classmates at Sargent Park to read and for people all over the world to read as well. Leave comments behind on other students blogs. Positive comments and helpful hints will motivate all of us to do a better job.

Good luck students. These posts are due on Friday October 10th.

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