Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Integer Adventure Story

Your next assignment for me will also be a "Writers Workshop" piece for your Language Arts. You are going to write me an adventure story. Or just a story. You will be marked on your use of language and math content. This story will not be done after this assignment. As we learn more about integers you will be expected to add more to your story.

Story Assignment Part 1
  1. Create a story. Part of your story has to be a character that must succeed at completing challenges or quests.
  2. Each of the challenges or quests must deal with adding integers. How you navigate your characters to each challenge or quest is up to your imagination.
  3. Each part of your story must be a minimum of 5 sentences long (minimum paragraph size).
  4. Each quest or challenge must be a picture of an integer question. You must solve each question in a different way, algebra tiles, number lines, I have I owe, and standard math.
  5. You must insert the pictures of your math work with your story.
  6. Your story is not done. It will continue as we progress through the integer unit. Next week you will have to talk about subtracting integers and then we will get into multiplying and dividing of integer..... but that is the future.
  7. Part 1 is due on Monday October 27 9:00 AM.
  8. You need to label your story post, display name, wworkshop, intstory. Make sure you use commas to separate labels and use all lowercase letters with no spaces.
Here is an example of what a former student did.


melanie873 said...

How many question's are we suppose to have, for each part?

Dana said...

If you are having troubles thinking of an adventure story perhaps you could watch a few movies. Such as; The adventures of the babysitter, or back the future, or maybe princess bride.
Or you could look up some comic books such as, Calvin and Hobs or Archie. Each of those have an adventure in it.
Really great assignment! Hope this helps!

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