Friday, October 05, 2007

Weekend homework

At your class blog please answer the following:

Explain which fraction is larger than another. Show your answers in comments at your classroom blog.

This is a voicethread. Please listen to the instructions


Michael Jordan 873 said...

on the first one you can prove a fraction is bigger than other fraction. find there LCD or draw two box and draw the fraction on the first one and draw the second fraction on the second box that way you can show what is bigger. on the second one I chose 1/6 +1/2. the answer is 40 minutes because 60 divided by 10 is 10 so the 1/6 is part of the whole and 1/2 is 30 minutes because half of 60 is 30.

charity841 said...

becuase if you do the clock way then you find 1/2 over 60 because there is 60 minutes in an hour so 1/2 of 60=30...because 60%2=30
then you find out what 1/3 of 60 is which is 20... then you add 30 and 20 together which is 50.. you put your 60 for the denomenator.
then your answer is 50/60 or 5/6

=)EmilyDeSousa~x0x0~ said...

1).4/7 or 6/7 which is larger?
6/7 is larger than 4/7, because if you draw two rectangles (the same size)and you can tell that 6/7 is larger than 4/7. They both equal all together is; 4/7+6/7=10/14

2). 1/2 or 2/5 which one is larger?
1/2 is larger than 2/5, because if you draw two rectangels(the same size) and you can tell that 1/2 is larger than 2/5. They both equal all together is; 1/2+2/5=3/7