Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Today's Slides October 9

Please leave comments on the following things.
Choose slide 1 or 2 and describe how you decided which was greater.
On slide 3 explain what the pattern is and how many subs need to be ordered for 11 people?
On slide 4 please show an example of what 4 goes into 9 is and is NOT.

Thanks for commenting.


charity841 said...

First of all you add 1/4 and 2/4 which is 3/4 because all you do is look at the numerator because the denomenator is the same..so you add the numerators together which is 3.Your answer is 3/4
You do the same technique as I did on the top except the denomerators are 6 instead of 4..and the numerators are 3 and 1 instead of 1 and 2.Your answer is 4/6
Then you draw two rectangles,the same size and make on rectangle 3/4 but equal peices and the other rectangle 4/6,but equal peices.Then you compare them and your answer is that 4/6 is a little bit bigger than 3/4

=)EmilyDeSousa~x0x0~ said...

You add the numerator only because the two denomerators are same.
so you add 2+1=3 so its 3/4.

And you do the same thing but the denomerators are 6 and not 4, and the numerators are 3 and 1 not 2 and 1. So you do 3+1=4 so it is

You draw two cricles (but have to be the same size). Make one cricle 3/4 and the other one 4/6(and they have to be equal pieces). And see which one is large, but I think 4/6 is larger than 3/4! But 4/6 is only bigger by a bit.