Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Catfood and Fractions?

Find this post at your room's blog. Leave a comment there or at voicethread.

Here are the posters from today's math congress. I hope you will go to voicethread and leave a comment. We have a class account. spmath@yahoo.com
and the password is room## where you have math. In your comment talk about the strategy and what you understand. You need to pick a picture to talk about at voicethead, then comment.

Or you can comment on these slides from today's class.

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Have a great day off. Please comment and complete your growing post!!

Here are the slides from today.


Michael Jordan 873 said...

the slides are good but i understand the slide that jann and angelo because it show how much the cans if your buying 6o cans and i can compare what store is better.

=)EmilyDeSousa~x0x0~ said...

I understand Leta and Kiahna's.
Because they explained that 60 is the lowest number that 20,12,15,and 23 go into.
And they showed that Maria is the better buy:)
good job leta and kiahna:)

"JORDAN 8-16 said...

im going to comment on number 12, which was carmen and jessica's... they divided 23 by 20 to see which can costs more. im not really sure what they tried to do with the other thing... i got confused cuz im using my sisters mac right now, and it cant zoom in. sorry :S but it looks like it says $1.25 x $1.15 = $1.10 ... if you put that, then they shouldve made it clearer about what they did. id go home and do this, but i want the day off tomorrow... anyways, yeah. they did an awesome job doing the work BLAH


kiahna 8-16 said...

i think that jasmines and danicas were good because they had a very easy way of figuring out they conpaired and figured out the answer

dhonell /. said...

I would like to comment on Luke and Kates. There slide is good because it shows how you can use money to help solve fractions which is a BIG help since we us money everyday anyways.

Danica16 said...


Danica16 said...

I think Kiahna and leta's was good beecasue they did long division that i understud

*** kc. 8-16 *** said...

I'm going to comment about the first slide Leta and Kiahna's. Their second strategy was really interesting to me because they used all the adding with 60 as the lowest # that went into 20,15,12 and 23. I would've never thought of that way I think to really understand that strategy you would ahev to have them explain it to you in person.

mr cruton 8-41 said...

i am going to comment on someone in my classroom. I am going to comment on Kates and Lukes. It shows how you can use money on fractions. It is very helpful. Well done good job.

Drea said...

I think that Danica and jasmine's strategy was really good because they used a t-chart to show their work. It looked really simple and I undertood it. I also like how they used divison and compared how much each can cost at each store.

`Chantel ^__^ said...

I really liked Danica's and Jasmine's strategy
I like how they compared.
It really made sn=ense when they explained it.


alexandra873 said...

The slide number 6 was so AMAZING. It was the shortest way that I in this activity. Who did that? For the person who did that, I like your MATH. Good job! Well done!