Monday, October 01, 2007

How do you share 17 subs between 22 people?

Please leave a comment behind at your class blog. What did these people do right and what would you change.

In your comment please talk about

  • fractions show division
  • the size of the whole matters
  • friendly and unfriendly fractions


jbaacuno . said...
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alexandra873 said...

It's so hard to find a solution to answer the question. Especially the unfriendley fraction 17/22. Some did it well although they can't explain it but if you try it, it works. But i can't understand some of the works. All of you guys worked so hard but some doesn't really works. But there is no wrong answer in math if you have answer. No answer is the wrong answer. Good job fellow classmates. Keep it up.

alexandra873 said...

*unfriendly. sorry for the wrong spelling.

+kieerrrac.8-16 =) said...

wow, i agree with alexandra it was hard to find a solution/answer. After seeing that 3/4 was the answer in most of the other charts,this whole problem started making sense with the unfriendly and friendly fraction thingy. After seeing the slide show of charts from other rooms some of them didn't make sense to me [the one with all the subtracting deal and the one with a million cuts] but i thought these charts were greeaaat. good job guys :)