Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Outsiders Newsletter Project

You need to create this newsletter using Letterpop. I have shown you how to use the app in class. When you are done creating your newsletter you need to publish it and make it public. Once you have done that you will get a URL.

Take a screencapture of the newsletter and upload it to your class e-portfolio. You must name it Yournameoutsiders.png.

At your e-portfolio you will link the picture to your URL.

Here is a movie about how to create a letterpop.


You are going to create a newsletter based on the novel, The Outsiders. You will need to give your newsletter a name. Don’t forget to include the date…and it’s not 2009! Keep in mind the setting (Tulsa, Oklahoma and it’s the 1960s.)

PART A: Newspaper Article (25 marks)
You must write one main newspaper article. Choose one of the following topics:
• The murder of Bob
• The rescue of the children from the burning church / the boys being heroes
• The police murder of Dallas Winston
• Other – please see me first with your suggestion

Your newspaper article must have:
• A catchy headline
• A strong lead (opening sentence to grab the reader’s attention)
• The body of your article needs to provide information that answers who, what, when, where, why and how.
• Your information needs to correspond with the events that occurred in the novel but feel free to add more detail and get creative!
• Include a picture

Brainstorm your ideas (pre-writing – use the handout titled Visual Organizer), write a draft, show signs of editing and revision, and publish your article.
Your article should be approximately 200 words in length.

PART B: The Extras (2x10=20 marks)
Your newsletter must include 2 of the following:
• 1 want ad
• 1 advertisement (keep in mind the time period)
• 1 obituary
• 1 comic strip with a message based on the theme of the novel (violence, friendship, dreams and hopes, outsiders, stay gold, etc.)
• Dear Abby advice column (see me for a list of samples)
• Other – please see me first for approval

Part A: Newsletter Article (25 marks)
• Headline 2 marks
• Opening/Lead sentence 2 marks
• Body (5Ws, H) 10 marks
• Mechanics 6 marks
• Accurate Information/Informative 5 marks

Part B: Extras (2x10 marks each = 20 marks)
• Accurate Information
• Mechanics
• Creativity

Overall Presentation (15 marks)
• Layout, Neatness, and Effort
• Title, Date
• Use Publisher
• Pictures included
• No white space – use ‘fillers’

Process: (5 marks)
• Visual Organizer handout
• Rough draft(s)
• Signs of editing


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