Monday, January 19, 2009

2 Minutes to Make a Difference

Welcome to your new project. Even though it seems like there is tons of time there isn't. Your project is to create a movie that makes a difference. You need to choose a topic that you can become passionate about. In your two minutes you will need to enlighten an audience of your peers and others around the world about the topic that is your passion.

Remember, you will be getting marks for completing parts of this project on time. Each subject Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies will be giving you a mark. This Project is an important part of your third term mark. Please take it seriously.

Here is the site that will be your home base. 2 Minutes to Make a Difference. On the side you will see many topics that can be chosen for this project. These are not the "ONLY" topics but are some interesting topics that you can choose for this project.

You need to complete this form to start the project,

The project runs from January 19th to April 9th (The Monday after Spring Break).
Please use the tag 2minutes when creating posts about the Movie Project.

Enjoy and be creative when you are learning.


Mr. H said...

2 quiz questions are

n -3 = 11

n + 17=-3

kara 8-73 said...

what do the numbers below the questions mean?