Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great Big Book of Algebra Chapter 3

Welcome to the third chapter in your Great Big Book of Algebra.

  • Add the label onestep
  • Add a title Chapter 3 One step Equation Solving
You are going to add 4 pictures under your xtranormal chapter. Do not start a new post. This is a continuation of the previous 2 chapters.

Your 4 pictures need to have an explanation about how to solve each. You can have the explanation in your picture or in your post.

Your four pictures must show an equation that is additive, subtractive, multiplicative and divisive. Do not use algetiles for this chapter. You will use them in chapter 4.

Your pictures can be done in paint or using a camera. Chapter 3 will be due MONDAY the 19th of January.


melanie873 said...

Mr.H, do we just answer the questions like we normally do for homework, or do we also have to explain the steps, and rules?

Mr. H said...

Simple explanation of how you ICOBV would be fine.

melanie873 said...

ok-ie dok-ie mr.h-ie :P

melanie873 said...

mr. H, do we just write how to solve the questions on a piece of paper and take a pic of it? or do we have to be in the pic too?

Karen 8-17 said...

Mr. H. What are the labels for chapter 4? and when is chapter 4 due?

kara 8-73 said...

Do we make up our own questions to solve, or do we use ones that we already have?