Thursday, January 29, 2009

Algebra Word Problems

Here is 817's homework. The rest of you see this tomorrow!!

  1. A certain number plus 26 equals 51. What is the Number?
  2. Three more than twice a number is nineteen. Find the number.
  3. Six times a certain number minus eight is forty. What is the number?
  4. Terry has a certain amount of money and Rick has three times as much. If together they have $2.60, how much did each boy have?
  5. David is 8 years younger than Robert. If the sum of their ages is 34, How old is each boy?
  6. When the sum of a certain number and four is dived by five the quotient is eleven. find the number.
  7. find the number if the sum of the number and three times the number is -32.
  8. The perimeter of a square is 48 cm. Find its dimensions, length and width.
  9. The perimeter of a rectangle is 30 cm and its length is 9 cm longer than its width. What is the width and length of the rectangle.?
  10. The sum of a certain number and five is multiplied by eight to give a product of 72. Find the number.


Mr. H said...

A rectangular garden plot is 8 m longer than it is wide. Find the dimensions and the area of the garden plot if it has a perimeter of 36 m.

Three desks and a bookcase together weigh 157 lb. The bookcase weighs 34 lb. How much does each desk weigh?

Suppose you have $40 and earn $7 per hour. How many hours must you work until you have $131?

Those will be on your test on Monday

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I FOUND IT ! HAHA ! Thanks, Mr.Harbeck ! :)

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