Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Google Doc

Here is what you need to have done so far for your movie project.
  1. Choose a group
  2. Fill out the first form
  3. Chosen a topic.
Now you need to start collaborating with your group members. You need to create a google presentation. How do I do that you ask. Following these steps there will be a video.

  1. Log in to Google
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Select Docs
  4. You now should be in Google Docs.
  5. Under NEW choose presentation.
  6. On the first slide put your group name and then list the other group members.
  7. When you have created the slide share it. Top right hand corner.
  8. You need to add collaborators. Type in your other group members emails. SEPARATE WITH A COMMA. You also have to add you LA Teacher, Homeroom teacher and Harbeck to the group as a collaborator.
  9. Ms. Lee
  10. Mr. Harbeck
  11. Mr. Penner
  12. Mr. Vidruk
This presentation will be your work site for most of the video that you will be creating.

Here is a movie on how to set up the presentation

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