Thursday, September 25, 2008

Problem Solving

Here is a problem from a great mathematician. Can you solve it? How many different ways are there to get the answer? Lets find out. Consider this question KRYPTO on steroids.

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Anonymous said...

i liked this problem harbeck

Anonymous said...

YAY :) the hardest one to do was 6 i think .. but i got it anyways.
eg. (4+4) / +4
The easiest one was probably 0 because all you had to do was make a number, then subtract the same thing ..
eg. (-44)+44 ..
all the other digits were eaasy

Anonymous said...


i almost got everything but 6 it's so hard but i got the other ones. i will show #9

Ella said...
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Jowella 8-17 said...

Yay :P the easiest one to do is 7. I figured it out so fast.

Here is an example
eg. [44/4]-4=7

Melanee said...

i like this problem

Anonymous said...

lool , me too (:

Anonymous said...

i liked this problem too

Anonymous said...

i think the hardest one was to do 2 because i didnt use brackets for all of them except this one -_- i got (4/4)+(4/4)=2.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

am i correct


For Me To Know and You To Find Out said...

I got a lot of them, but when I was looking for two, I just kept getting 8 xD