Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Your first homework

OOPS I gave you the wrong address at school. To upload you photos use this address


Welcome to Math. Tonight you have an assignment. You have to use a digital camera or a cellphone to take a picture of the number I have given you in class.

The steps are
  1. Take a picture of the given number.
  2. Email it to the address in class.
  3. Make a note to yourself about how you found the number.
  4. Be creative.
  5. Respect other peoples property and privacy.

Flickr image http://flickr.com/photos/ma1974/354819416/

Where do you see 15 here? Click the link if you give up! http://www.flickr.com/photos/30175919@N06/2823013659/


andrew said...

Andrew Samonte
sept. 03 08

the two videos shows you that people can be wrong sometimes in dividing..and it shows that there is many different ways to divide.

mylesrocks said...

omg thats what i was suppose to say.... :P oh well ..