Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monday September 15

Hi everyone. I am not here for the morning but I am here on the blog. Mr. Angeles will get you through the morning. All work is to be completed for tomorrow. Please work hard to get it done on time.

1. Krypto. Todays numbers are 1, 12, 6, 11, 8, 4 = 9 For those of you who do not remember the rules you need to use the red numbers to create the number 9. Remember the order of operations and remember to write out your equations horizontally if possible.

2. Similar to the triangle questions we have been doing in class you are now going to make a Magic square. You may only use the integers 1-9 and all rows horizontally, vertically and diagonally need to have the same sum. If you think you have a correct answer you can ,at home, with the following link.

3. Please find the Mean Median Mode and Range for the following sets of data:

The image is a link that will allow you to check your answers.

Two more problems for today...
4. The number of minutes that trains were late to arrive at a station was recorded.
  • Find the Mean Median and Mode
  • Which measure would you use to argue that too many trains are late each day?

5.The table below gives the number of accidents each year at a road intersection.
  • Work out the Mean Median and Mode
  • A road safety group want to get the council to make this junction safer.
    Which measure will they use to argue for this?
  • The council don't want to spend money on the road junction.
    Which measure will they use to argue that safety work is not necessary?

All images have links for you to go to the webpage and check if you are correct. Do not forget to use the chatroom tonight if there are any difficulties and work hard.

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