Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great Big Book of Integers Chapter 3

Time for your third chapter

Add the Labels chapter 3, dividing integers

Add a title line (in the post not at the top) of Dividing Integers

Here is what you need to have in Chapter 4 (to make a ÷ sign on a Mac use option? )
  • What is Partitive Division? Show Partitive Division on a number line for the following quesiton
  • 6÷2=  and -6÷ (-2)=
  • What is Quotative Division? Use Quotative division to solve (-6)÷2=
  • How can the Multiplicative Inverse help you solve 6÷(-2)=

Explain the sign rule for division using
6÷2=  and -6÷ (-2)= and (-6)÷2= and 6÷(-2)=

Remember to label your post.  There is only one chapter left:)


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