Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are you missing work?

Many of you have not completed previous posts.  My grace period is about to come to an end.  Here is what is owed up to now...

Percent Post
Cylinder Post
Reflection and Audioboo
Great Big Book of Integers Chapter 1

Great Big Book of Integers Chapter 2
Great Big Book of Integers Chapter 3
Great Big Book of Algebra Chapter 4

Also you have your E-Portfolio Due and 2 Minutes .

If you missed the class for your Term 2 Reflection here is what you need to do
Title Term 2 Reflection
Labels "Term 2 Reflection" Audioboo, display name
In the body of the post embed your audio boo and you can also cut and paste your reflection from your Google Document.

For your E-Portfolio you need to have the following
  • Audioboo of the Term 2 Reflection and the text from the Term 2 Reflection
  • Your final Percent Video and Links to your Percent Post
  • Surface Area and Volume.  You need a link to your blog work showing your understanding of Surface Area and Volume.  Also you should embed your movie if you made one.

Make sure these are done by Friday.  If they are not they will only receive 50% max.  You also will be held back from the movie on the last day before the break.

You have been given notice:)

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