Wednesday, March 02, 2011



Today in class we are going to experiment with audioboo.  It is a free program that allows you to upload sound to any website.  We are going to reflect on your second term.  I want you to think for 10 minutes about this term.
  • What did you do well on, 
  • Where did you struggle and 
  • How will you do better next term?
  • What did you learn about percent, surface area and volume?
I also want to to explain the difference between volume and surface area.  How are they different and what do the have in common.

You need to create some jot notes in your notebook or Google Docs because you will be recording your own voice to capture this reflection.

This is Audioboo
When you are comfortable you can get a mic from the bucket and go to the lab.  In the lab open up Firefox and find Audioboo.  You will need to create an account.

  1. Use your google email (or the email you use everyday)
  3. Respond to the email
  4. Go back to audioboo and click the record link
  6. With your mic plugged in record your boo.    This will be your explanation of what you did this term and what the difference between surface area and volume are. 
  8. Once you are done hit publish be be sure to have the proper tags in place.  You will tag your boo with spmath, your username from blogger (Mark873) and "term 2 reflection".  
  9. You now are ready to get the embed code. 
  10. The small embed button is in green.  The embed code looks like this. Copy it to your clipboard.  Then go to blogger and create a new post.  Title it Term 2 Reflection, label it Audioboo, DisplayName(Mark873), and "Term 2 Reflection"
  11. Switch from composer to edit html.  Paste the code into the post.  Then Publish.  You are done.
Congratulations on creating your first podcast and audioboo.  That was simple wasn't it!!

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