Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great Big Book Of Algebra Chapter 2

I have finally figured out what I want your second chapter to be in your GBBOA. I would like you to create a conversation between two people talking about combining like terms and the distributive property. You will use xtranormal to finish this chapter. Ok here we go.

In your post The Great Big Book of Algebra underneath your poems you will create Chapter 2. Here you will type out a script between two people having a conversation.

Biff "Hey how is it going"
Mortimer "It is going fine"

You get the picture!!

Now these two people are having a conversation about two algebra questions. The questions are:
  • n+3-5n+12
One person thinks the answer is -6n+15. Is the person right or wrong. In the script please show the steps to solve the statement and what the mistake was.

The second question is:
  • 2 + 4(3n+8)
One person again thinks that the answer is 12n + 10. Is the person right or wrong. In the script please show the steps to solve the algebraic statement and tell what the mistake was.

  1. REMEMBER you need to still be in your original post.
  2. You need to call this Chapter 2 Combining like terms and the Distributive Property
  3. You need a script typed into the chapter between two characters. They will be talking about the two questions above.
  4. You need to create an xtranormal movie to be the end of your chapter. Please use the script of you chapter to be the script in the movie. You then can cut and paste the blog text into your movie!!
  5. This is due December 19th. Add a label to your post XTRANORMAL


Hugues said...

Wow! Awesome way of using Xtranormal's technology! I am working at Xtranormal and can't thank you enough for the use you are making of our website. You might be delighted by a software we are working on at the moment planned to be released next Spring. Remember: if you can type, you can make movies! Hugues Bonin, QA Analyst, Xtranormal

camille817 said...

This is a lot of fun but hard to do at the same time!:)

peachy 8-41 said...

Haha, I agree with Camille. It's pretty hard and confusing, but it's amusing. :D