Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ah a little computer homework. Please play the following game. It is a game of battleships. Please have a notebook handy. You will be expected to write out 3 questions from the game. For each question please show the step by step process of solving it.

Here is a second matching game. Please do the same as the first game. While you are playing select 3 questions and show how you arrived at the answer. You now should have 6 questions in your notebook.

This is a movie and a quiz. Please watch the movie and then take the quiz. You need to have 4 questions solved and put into your notebook. You will be expected to leave a short comment behind at the blog. In your comment please leave a complete how to of a solution to one of the questions that you have solved today.
Thank you and that is all. Please leave a comment behind and enjoy your computer math class.


NickyD817 said...

Hi Mr. H! Here's my question that I chose to answer:
To solve you multiply w and -8 by -5
Once you've done that you have this:

Also (on a sidenote) I only found two questions from the quiz/movie thing (not counting the cow and chicken question). Just wanted to point that out.

Kevin 8-17 said...

The question I chosen was 4(5+b). To solve this, you have to multiply 4 and 5, this gives you 20. Then you multiply 4 and b. When there is only a variable with no number behind it, it should be 1b. So it's 4 multiplied by 1b. Now to restate it, it should look like 20+4b.