Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Great Big Book Of Algebra Chapter 2

Have you ever wanted to make a movie? Well you are going to. You are going to use this application xtranormal. To make the movie... well that would be telling. You will need to sign up and figure out how to use the application. I will show you how later in the week but you can test drive this program with your poetry.

Your movie will be talking about combining like terms. You will create a movie that will involve characters having an argument or a conversation about combining like terms.

The program is as easy as typing a script and allowing the characters to talk. Play around and you will have the official assignment on Wednesday.

Here is my quick movie. It took 10 minutes. Yours should be more interesting than mine.

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ThatsSoSick said...

when do we start this assignment?
and is it on combining like terms still??