Sunday, February 04, 2007

Assessment week

February 5th to 9th is assessment week. You could call it your mini exam week. Will have a quiz on Monday, Unit test on Wednesday and a Cumulative Test on Friday. All Material for the first 2 assessments can be found in your Blue Booklet, and House Unit.

The previous posts will also help you ace your tests.

You need to complete a blog post called Blogging on Blogging. Mr K's students call them BOB's. Click on the link to see how to create a BOB. You need to tell me what you understood in the Proportion unit and what you did not understand in the proportion unit. The BOB will be worth 4 Marks on your test. By doing it you have completed a test question!!

The cumulative test will cover everything we have done since the beginning of the year. You can use the blog to help you study.

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