Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Ratio and Proportion

Here are some more helpful sites to help you do well on your Ratio and Proportion quizzes and project this week.

House Proportion Project

Other great practice sites. many have games and other interactive activities.
  1. Here is a simple True and False Proportion Quiz.
  2. Here is an all in one site that gives you everything you need. BBC Skillwise is a site that offers a comprehensive unit on Ratio and Proportions. Here is what they offer.
  3. £5 means 5 Pounds. It is a unit of currency. Anytime you see the £ symbol it is the same thing as $.
  • Factsheets, Practice and information about how to solve rations and proportions.
  • Activity A movie showing one way to do these questions.
  • Interactive Game Play a game that uses Ratio and Proportions.
  • Worksheets Five Worksheets to prefect your learning.
  • Interacive Quizes Here are 3 interactive quizes on Ratio and Proportion.

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michelle 8-16 said...

Mr.H, I think this post would be really helpful for the test. I thought the ratio and proportion games were pretty fun.