Monday, February 05, 2007

Pretest Questions

Here are some questions to prepare you for your test. Good luck. Do not forget to do your blogging on blogging.

Math Fundamentals
Proportion Word Problems
1. If 6 pounds of apples cost $9, then how much would 21 pounds of apples cost?

2. If $24 worth of fertilizer covers 5,000 square feet, then how much would it cost to cover 30,000 square feet?

3. If a chain link fence costs $180 for 20 feet installed, how much would it cost to install 300 feet?

4. The scale on a map is 1 inch equals 5 feet. What is the distance between two points on the map thatare 8 1/2 inches apart on the map?

5. A $4 sales tax is charged for a $50 purchase. At this rate, what is the sales tax for a $1200 purchase?

6. A store makes a profit of $15,000 for every 300 coats that they sell. If they make a profit of
$25,000, how many coats did they sell

7. David read 40 pages of a book in 50 minutes. How many pages should he be able to read in 80

8. Audio Jeannie takes inventory of her closet and discovers that she has 8 shirts for every 5 pair ofjeans. If she has 40 shirts, how many pairs of jeans does she have?

9. Jim found out that after working for 9 months he had earned 6 days of vacation time. How manydays will he have earned after working for two years?

10 Zachary and Christian have different math teachers at school. Zachary said to his friend
� Christian, I have more of my homework done than you. I did eighteen out of thirty-four problems so � � � far. Christian disagreed saying, No way! I already did _____ out of forty-eight! Assuming Christian was correct, at least how many problems must he have done to have completed a greater percentage of his assigned homework?

11. Timothy has just started his collection of plastic cars and obtained twenty-three new plastic cars. Isaac has fifty-six old plastic cars. Aaron has one hundred one old plastic cars. If all their collections were combined, what would be the ratio of old plastic cars to new plastic cars? Reduce your answer to a ratio of the form X:1 and round X to the nearest tenth.

12. Mr. Quirk had approximately 58% of the tests graded. (a) Written as a fraction with twenty-six as a denominator, approximately what fraction of the tests did he have graded? (b) What was the approximate graded test:ungraded test ratio?

13. Which is bigger, a third of 36 or one-fourth of 96?

14. It was recently estimated by the Extraterrestrial Alien Monitoring Agency, that unregistered extraterrestrials outnumber registered ones by about seven-to-five. If there are a total of 2,280 extraterrestrials, about how many of them are registered?

15. Smallville had a great football team last year. They outperformed their opponents in almost every category of play. One of their more impressive statistics was that, on average, they outscored their opponents by 3:1 in every game they played. If they scored an average of 18 points per game, what was the average number of points scored by their opponents per game?

Proportion Word Problems
16. If it takes 1 cup of flour to make 6 cookies, how many cookies can you make with 6
cups of flour?

17. If 3 apples cost 29¢, how much do 45 apples cost?

18. Callie asks her fellow sixth-grade students to name their favorite flavor of ice
cream. She finds that 3 out of every 8 students prefer strawberry to vanilla. If there are
160 students, how many prefer strawberry?

19. Alejandro and Skylar went deep-sea fishing. They discovered that 4 out of every 5
fish they caught were flounder. If they caught 40 fish, how many were flounder?

20. The sixth grade class is selling pencils. They are putting a ratio of 2 red pencils for
every 3 blue pencils in a bag. If the students have 100 red pencils, how many blue
pencils do they need?

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