Monday, December 04, 2006

Using Gliffy and Bubbleshare

In recent days I have introduced you to bubbleshare on-line embedded presentation tool, and gliffy an on-line embedded mind map tool. Both are great tools you can find at this wiki . As we enter the 3 unit for scribe posts I hope you will take advantage of new tools to show you understanding of the concepts being taught. When you use these tools it provides a better picture of what is being said instead of a paint bmp.

Here is a bubble share that explains the process of creating and embedding a slide presentation.

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michelle 8-16 said...

I am having trouble understanding what to do. Can you help me Mr harbeck?

michelle 8-16 said...
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michelle 8-16 said...

Mr Harbeck,
Do I have sign up before I can use these tools? When I sign up, do I have to use the email that I used to sign up for blogger? Can I use my wsd1 email?

Shalin Siriwaradhana said...

There is such embedded method in creately, using simple HTML (iFrame). A great way to share diagrams