Monday, December 18, 2006

How to Videos

I have created 2 screencasts on how to improve your Growing Posts. One is on Embedding Gliffy and Bubbleshare. The other is on how to leave comments and how to mark each others work.

Thanks for doing such a great job.


Here is how you leave comments and marks for this assignment.

Thanks Harbeck


ice_23 said...

mr harbeck ur a good narrator u can be a narrator on the movie thats why ur my favorite teacher MERRY CHRISTMAS:)

Andrea =) said...

hahah mr harbeck good job @ explaining !

michelle 8-16 said...

Mr.H I really need your help, my growing post won't publish. Every time I click the publish button, part of my post gets erased and the page says that they can't continue my request. I tried and tried but it still won't work. Can you help me. Please!